Sunday, April 30, 2006

Trucks and Triathlons

Drove down the highway to good old Delta for another early season race.

Swim went well coming out in 8:50-9 mins for 700. Smooth transition and shoe entries. First bike lap built into it quickly. Was losing slight time to leaders but under control. Then, then things got interesting. On the second lap at the one and only intersection on the course to turn thru, BAM! I get hit by a truck. Lucky to get nothing but cuts and bruises and one sore hip, but the bike took another beating. The new mavic's, used for the FIRST time, got busted along with the frame. Dissappointing not to have finished but good to be ok. Man those deltonians drive big trucks!

heres to hopefully my first and only encounter with a truck in a race

Went out later to blarney stone to soothe the pain.

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