Monday, December 20, 2010


90' cadence ride the schedule said.

Can't sit on the trainer on a dry day like this. Roll out and head for the hills. O'Natural cadence ride, big gear the hills, spin the flats.

Before heading out i came across this video on Ronnie Coleman, good entertainment, the catch line served as a good theme to the ride.

Some of the steep buggers on Munns/Ross Durrance were quite the test seated. When the cadence dropped real low i reassured myself it was "lightweight baby", all the while listening to this and imaging Brukhankov wrestling a bear on his way home through the snow after power swimming.

Good ride.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Abandon Ship

A lot of rain in Victoria eh. The garage was flooded this morning. Noa's work electronics ok though.

Something like this can be really stressful and annoying, but if you look on the grand scheme of things it is not that bad.

Not that bad like what happened in Minneapolis this morning. Poor Vikes. Just imagine if it happend when the game was on....A vertical avalanche coming down on Fav-ra after getting sacked. Adding insult to insult.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Train of Thought

A Sequence of thoughts, each leading and spurring on the next. Ultimately the thoughts result in a question that may end the train or take it on another totally different track.

I'm amused by some of the ridiculous trains of thoughts I have on a daily basis. The mind can really reach it's potential for obscurness when doing a repetitive activity such as swimming, cycling, or may or may not make sense.

Here is a random train of thought I had while riding today with Tyler.

"My low back hurts"

"This saddle blows"

"Your rides are numbered saddle, the replacement will soon make you hang up your rails"

"I'm gonna burn you, saddle"

"A Fizik Fire!"



"Nick got free propane the other day"

"Free fuel for cooking his meat"

"screw BC Hydro"

"mmm hungry"

"I wonder how much money you'd save per year from electricity/fuel if you ate a raw food diet?"

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Retro is Cool

Have been watching a bunch of the old grand prix videos recently. This particular race is quite good. Format was run/bike/swim!

They started with a 2k run that had a lead group a 6 form including stewart, welch, macca, bevan. On to the bike, Macca gets a flat tire and 2 guys are dropped, including Brad Bevan.......but then the 4th element comes into play, well i won't ruin it. Enjoy!