Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stella's Chicken

Inspiration to cook can come from many sources. From friends to the Food Network ( eg. Robert, to getting a cookbook for christmas. Today i smelt breaded fish in the hall and bingo bango i'm gonna some cod cakes sometime this week.

The other night i was thinking of something to make. As usual my mind wandered and I thought of my funny niece Stella....which lead to...

Stella's Chicken

- Brown 6 cloves of garlic and 2 big leeks in a large pot over Mid-High Heat

- Dredge 8 Chicken thighs/drum sticks with flour and Brown

- Add 2 bottles of Stella Artois

- Add 1 cup of water

- Add a bunch of turmeric, curry powder, s&p

- Add 3 Tbsp of Mustard (grainy is best)

- Bring to Boil and then reduce to simmer for 15'

- Add 4 large cubed potatoes and couple handfuls of raisins

- Simmer for 20'

- Stir in chopped Swiss Chard or Kale

- Turn off heat and let sit for 5'

Enjoy with 4 friends.

A great week came to a close today with a long tempo run at the lakes with Simon, Kyle and AMc. I've been feeling not so great in the workouts recently. Swimming especially i feel tired. With the new program this year i've become even more acute to importance of recovery.


Olympic fever full on right now. I can't remember the last time i watched something on tv for longer than 1 minute besides it. My favourite thus far has been Jon Montogmery

To me he truly embodies the Canadian Winter Athlete. Grizzly, pale, strong, confident, comedic, and gives er all for the maple leaf. When I toe the line this year, his reaction when he won the gold is exactly what will be running through my head.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

There is fit and then there is CROSS FIT (Retro-Active)

I did this post up back in December and kept trying to add the video i took. Finally i got the video to load so here it is.

On Wednesday I did my first strength session for the season with the group, lead by CSCP strength coach Cam Birtwell. Near the end of the session he got talking about a event he was doing on Saturday; A cross-fit event in Esquilmalt. I have seen cross-fit on youtube but I thought i would check it out in person.

So after swimming today I headed over to have a peek. I wasn't sure of the exact location but as I turned on to the street it was on I could already here something in the distance... The noises got louder and louder as I followed my ear to the door. I rolled my bike in the door to a boisterous crowd with Rob Zombie being pumped to the max. It had a fight club atmosphere that was filled with testosterone and estrogen, making the air thick and heavy. What I saw before me where people being pushed beyond their limits in a profound entertaining way. As I watched the competitors I had constant waves of goosebumps and shivers hit me. This stuff was CRAZY!!!!!!

Relating on a multi-sport level I found it very entertaining. To watch them scream, collapse, and get back up and do it again brought an uncontrollable smile to my face. These people were just as crazy as I as a triathlete, and that made me happy.

The final stage was a 3X circuit where the advanced men did a 275lb deadlift followed by a complete rings pull up to extension 12 reps each then 9 then 6. I tried one of these ring pull ups in the gym the next session and I couldn't do ONE! The women did a 135 lb deadlift? then chinups then ring tricep extension x12,x9,x6.

There was no weight class. The exercises are designed for a mix of weight bearing and non weight bearing to give no real advantage to a particular weight.

It certainly made our triathlete strength session look like a 2k ez swim.

Have a look:

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Running for Economy

After a good start to 2010 with a solid 3 week camp I took last week as a recovery for the first half and then built in to the weekend. Now we are starting another good 3-week block that should build on the fitness attained in Maui.

It was great to see everyone again at swimming. A lot of fast swimming done today during the 12x100's. In the afternoon Phil set up a measured mile loop at beacon hill where we ran a threshold set in the sun.

Yesterday i did my second attempt at an Economy test on the treadmill at PISE. Designed to determine your energy zones, this test went a lot better than the first time i ran it before christmas. 3x5' pace descending with 1' recovery. I ran the test in my Saucony Type A3's which just seem to float me along. The woodway treadmills at PISE are to die for, as in good but the price tag would kill you.

Am really enjoying Coach Phil and the training with the group. Good start to a great year for all!

Photo Credit: A.McCartney

Monday, February 08, 2010

Yo Yo Blueberry Pancakes

Thanks to Mhairi for sending this priceless picture of Stella representing the Westside after scarfing down some Blueberry Pancakes in style.

Seeing someone that small grow and develop is quite the experience. Next time I bet she talks!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Finish on a High

The Maui camp is in the books. It was nothing short of greatness. Good coaches, good support, good athletes, great setting.
The opportunity to accompany the National Team here has been an invaluable experience. The details i've picked up from watching them train, recover and live has been very rewarding.

The final week of the camp was tough. The workouts were now accompanied by accumulating fatigue and I found myself struggling mid week. Come the weekend though i began to recover and had some of my best days near the end. Yesterday was our final big workout with a long run with 50' Tempo. 14.5k in 50' was by far my best run of the camp.

If i find a saying from this camp it would be this: "Training is simply gaining fitness by getting rid of unfitness"

Today i've packed up and done a run/swim with Ben Collins who joined us mid way thru. Good to have you hear man.

3pm departure back to the GWN. Time flies when your training hard.

Yesterday afternoon Brent took us on a great little hike through a bamboo forest that lead to some potholes were we went for a dip. Here are some pictures:

Kirsten climbing up the scramble

Simon being the man

beautiful bamboo

Miss Quebec