Tuesday, June 29, 2010


back in '88 things were simple....speedo simple.....road bike simple.....no shirt run simple.

Now things are complex......speed suit complex......electric shifting complex.....newton complex (had to Noa).

The way we look at ourselves in the sport has also become too complex. Too many ?-marks to address when perhaps we need to let the ?'s unfold and learn from them.

The question back in '88 was simple as I rode beside my dad training the run for Canada....."Is this apple juice gonna be enough for the both of us till home?"

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Weekend Message

Sometimes its not until you turn off the engine that you hear and learn how she sails...

No Man's Land

Things are on hold here at the moment. My body came to a hault last week. I had it coming, all signs were pointing to it yet I stubbornly trudged on. All the little things have caught up to me it seems and I'll need a bit of time to get these things back in order.

Taking a few steps back to take another leap forward.

Congradulations to everyone in CDL!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm back with a post well overdue. The month of May was quite a journey for me so I'll get you up to date.

I'll start with Glasgow. I was so excited and ready for this race that when things went wrong on race day I got very low on myself. I was confused and puzzled with my performance. Swim ok, but once onto the bike I felt like a boy amongst men. Not my day and it was a long way to realize it.

Arriving home to victoria I struggled to find motivation for some time. Then came an injury which made things worse (injury to blog post theory looks validated)

That same week I said goodbye to a good friend in Phil who I will undoubtedly miss. Merci Beaucoup.

With support from a number of people I began to make the most of each day. A new attitude was stressed by coach Paulo, which I understood as some wise advice.

Jump to June and Hy-Vee was fast approaching. My running was limited but I put the blinders on and just rolled with it. Upon arrival to Des Moines Rob Hasagawa and Kim Ward worked wonders to get me ready for Sunday, I truly see how world class they both are.

Race day came and I felt very relaxed. Kurt, Pat and Paulo had made the week roll along with a hitch and on race day a team could not have had better support.

As I stood on the pontoon I found myself smiling while listening to the heartbeat. I had a rough first lap on the swim getting a goggle knocked off but on the long re-entry run I was able to get it back on and moved up on the second.

Onto the bike I felt fine. No relapses of Glasgow, into the pack quickly. The bike was fairly frustrating, but am happy I rode within the rules.

Hit the run feeling good. 4-5k went by well on pace. Then the wheels started to wobble. I went for it without reservation but in the end the lack of any race pace running over 4 weeks sure enough began to surface.

Take the positives out of this race and move forward. The season is still very young.

Be with the moment cause that is all that exists.