Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Caleb Pike and Training

Yesterday and Today have been some solid days in the books

Tuesday had a hard swim set in the pool as 8x(100 on 1:15 / 50 on :50). This set was deceiving as the 50 offered no time to slack and fully recover. Good set i think for improving lactate capacity and buffering. Then we had a new look to cycling as we went to the velodrome for some steady state riding, motorpacing and 1km TT Pursuits. Scotty official has the record for 1km for a stationary start at 1:23. Stevo was not in attendance so I'm sorry Scotty but i think that record will fall in only a matter of time. To finish the day we had a hill tempo run at cedar hill as 1loop WU, 2 loops tempo, 1 loop CD.

Today was an OW swim in Thetis with a big island TT (15:28 with wetsuit). An easy run in the trails around the lake followed. Yoga at commonwealth was late afternoon followed right after with a crit at caleb pike. The ride out there was interesting. We left a little late, got detoured around by the Queen of Xterra, and then had to tempo it along hilly Munn's Road to make it too the start with 3minutes to spare. Race was 20 laps of probably 3km, long crit, like 90'. I raced A group with the goal of finishing in the mix. First lap, psssssssss, front flat, ok lets make this a duathlon. I ran back to the start, fix the flat and hop back in the next lap. This crit is different than Mt. Newton with more emphasis on cornering skills, short sprinting and power climbing. I stayed with the group and finished the crit in the mix, pat on the back.

Tomorrow is a lighter recovery day then the weekend should be some more intensity.

I'm happy to announce that i will get a chance to race in europe this july in 3 world cups. Thats saying i make it the 2nd and 3rd without getting destroyed in the first.

July 5th Hamburg, Ger
July 13th Tiszaujvaros, Hun
July 20th Kitzbuhel, Aut

I will post while over there and keep you all updated.

Monday, June 23, 2008

It could happen to you

Today was just a spank-beautifull day in Victoria. SUmmer is here now and i feel safe enough to the leave the house for a ride without packing arm warmers and knee warmers. This morning I slept past my alarm which was set to 6am to get out to elk lake and cheer my teammate Steve Kilshaw on at the New Balance Half-Iron. I still made it out to support but arrived just after T1.

While waiting for the return from the bike I did my long run around the lake as 6k warmup, 8k Steady, 4k Fartlek, 2k Cool Down. I was then back to see Stevo come off the 90k bike and out onto the run. Great race Steve you were the rookie in the field and put in a solid result (4:05!!)

Just before dinner i headed out for an ez ride by the water, but I was presented with a situation that i had previously talked about here. Thats right an encounter with two wheel huggers. I saw them turn off of Cooke as i went by and knew immediatley they would try to latch on. It wasn't long before i heard them chatting behing me and freewheeling to their hearts delight. First chance to drop them came at King George hill. One fell off but the other remained. Thru Oak bay he was still there although the breathing was getting heavier. With the help of some auto-pacing I managed to get him off the wheel. Thinking they would give up I relaxed and went back to my ez ride. But not too long after the two come by heaving and hoeing, the one says allez, allez, allez. This went on thru caddy bay but thankfully when we got to ash street we went different directions and they no longer had the freeride...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wasa Race Report

Last Sunday under beautifull clear skies the BC Championships were held in Wasa Lake, BC, a provincial park just north of Cranbrook.

I made the drive up on Friday thru the south Okanagan and west kootenays. It is a long drive but breathtaking, especially with nice weather. From Vancouver Osoyoos works out to be almost exactly half way so i made a stop there for a short fartlek run. The remainder of the drive is where you have to watch like a hawk for deer. There are so many deer between castelgar and cranbrook i was on edge the entire time. Keeps you awake though which is nice.

Saturday was a day of a light swim and bike with kerry at the race site. I've done this race 4 times now and every year it gets better. This year the capper was the nice weather, mid 20's and clear. Wasa is at 3700 feet, so it is nice to have 1day to adapt from sea level.

The Race


Got out to a good start and got right on what i thought were Jordan Brydens feet. After the first bouy though i saw that this guy had a different wetsuit than Jordan. An ironman wetsuit...hmmmmm...uh oh is this Tom Evans? Oh geesh this is going to good, my whole race plans were changing by the stroke now. Out of the first lap and onto the second I challenged Tom and took the lead into the first bouy. I couldn't hold it though and he resumed the raines coming out first with Jordan and right behind.

Had a good T1 and get right at it on the bike. Tom should be coming by pretty quick here.....ok maybe he had troubles in T1....ok maybe he got a flat. I rode the bike agressively and hard keeping a good high cadence. The course is very flat so it is very important to keep as aero as possible. Coming into T2 i felt ready to run.

Run was good with nice rhythm and leg speed. They added a trail section to the course this year which i liked but made comparisons to last years time a little skewed. I finished up in 1st with a 1:50 clocking.

I later found out that it wasn't Tom Evans racing but Jon Bird who lead the swim. Good swim man.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Tomorrow I will be making the 12hr road trip up to WASa Lake. Vancouver to Hope then along the crowsnest to Cranbrook. Last year steve and I drove this route and it was a great drive. THis year i'll be doing it solo so it may not have the same effect. NO cruise control, maybe i'll have to bring a brick.

WAsa lake is my favourite non-drafting race. THe event is put on very well and it always draws good competition. I love the kootenay area as well having grown up in Revelstoke, so it feels like heading home when you start to smell that crisp mountain air mixed with pine.

This year the goal for the race is simple, have fun and race hard. On the run especially is where i have to dig deep and enter that dark room.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Can't beat em...join em

Last year racing I had a couple of big races where i things went well in the swim, but I got dropped like a sack on the first 3km on the bike, or things didn't go swell in the swim and I wasn't able to bridge up on the first k on the bike.

So this winter I did a lot of cycling. Simple really, get in the miles and lots of them. More hill work as well. And it has shown, at least in the first couple of mexican races where I have bridged up to the lead group, with some excruitating pain of course. What i haven't had yet though is a bike where there is a steep hill right off the bat, that test will come later.

The last two weekends I have done a couple of road races. The first was in Armstrong, just outside of Vernon, BC. NOw this was supposed to be a 100k "ride" but a quarter of the way in it was evident that was not going to be. The riders in this group i would say were right at my level and it was a good tempo ride with one long climb up thru Salmon Arm.

On the first of June I did the second road race. BC Provincials in Vancouver on the new westside classic course. I am a cat3 rider, but for this race Cat3's would race with the 1's and 2's as well. The course was 12x10k loop then 10x2k crit loop. THis was a ride where I have never been so scared and in a world of hurt at the same time. The group was quite large (100 to start) and as a result the corners were agressive and sprints on the exits. The climb in the course was about 1k, but not steep. I got dropped at around 80k from the peleton and rode the remainder in a smaller group. FUn race, just above my level.

Some pictures from the race:

I would have loved to have swapped legs with Svein about 60k in.

This last week the group has getting some quality training in around UBC and taking in the elite races. Congradulations to all the juniour, U23 and elite athletes! It was motivating and thrilling to watch you all race. I hope the elite men caught a glimpse of the streaking hockey stick Flag running up Thurlow!

THis weekend, Wasa Lake Triathlon.