Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mt Newton Grit Crit

First 6k swim in a while this morning. It went by well with the main set being 6x400m descending in pairs. Good set, buzz cool-down and we are out the door for an easy 30' jog on the trails.

At 4 we had a yoga session. At first we wondered how this would get as pumped up for the crit right after, but our yogi is smart and she adapted the practice to prepare us for the race. I came out of there feeling warmed up and ready to ride.

Racing A group my hope was to hang in longer than last year. And i did, i stayed with the main group until 2 laps to go. Those two hills are tough, 20X up them and you start to loose your eyesight. I felt like a cross-eyed bull about to be slain by the matodor on the last time up.

Now its time to sleep and let the fitness soak in....

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

no title

Tuesday marked our first revisit to some intensity in training.

It began in the pool this morning with 20x50 (60/45) ez/hard followed by 6x200 start speed. Not a lot but a good start to build on. Next stevo and I did some heat maintenance in the pool room. 90 mins on the rollers at 33 degrees listening to green day. I felt like a rain cloud today as i sat hunched over my bike dripping sweat drops. The ride didn't feel as hard as i remember them being last year but i think it hit me later on at the run.

The run was at elk lake on a beautifull day. 20min warmup to Steady state. 4x6' tempo followed by 4x1' quick. Couldn't get going on the run felt like a sack of bricks.

Monday, April 28, 2008

"Just Follow your Nose" (Tucan 'the man' Sam)

Yesterday i had a 90' oyo spin to do on the bike but i just couldn't get out the door to do it. So i did it today...

I thought i might have avoided the rain from yesterday but it was raining again today. When it is raining i like to ride cross. You don't get as wet and the trails are quiet. So i dusted off the black lightning and headed out....pedal out of the appt. up the little hill and down...sweeping right onto esquimalt rd....oooow there is a good curb jump ahead swweeeet. vrrrrroom......BOOOM!

1min47s into the ride and i go ass over tea kettle..when i landed on the grass and tried to hop back up onto the sidewalk i got curb sucked and went for a dive. Right onto the same side as last weekend...great. I layed there sprawled on the sidewalk laughing and hoping someone saw it and would come up and ask if i was alright and then give me a lemonade or something. No one came just car after car driving by...Ok time to get up and back on the saddle.

After that spill the remainder of the ride went well. I just explored in esquilmalt and found some new trails. If you look well enough in victoria you'll find trails everywhere. First i hit up gorge park and then i found a great park called cuthbert holmes park. This park has it all, tough technical single track, double wide groomers, pavement, swampy marsh, muddy sections, beacon hill like mossy sections, very nice. If your on the goose heading to colville exit at admirals and cross over the highway. Then take a left as you start to descend, its right there. Great spot.

When i got home i found that i had reopened some of the wounds and created new ones. Ice bath and my favourite brew to soothe the pain.

This week of training looks big with some highlights being :

wednesday night Newton Heights Crit
Friday swimTT and swim/bike brick
Intervals at Lochside

My next race is coming up in 3 weeks at Ixtapa. I'm also hoping to make my half iron debut in oliver come june 1st.

all for now.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Mazatland Quadathlon (swim, surf, bike, run)

Back home in Victoria after what seems like a long time. Back to the smell of the sea and crazy gas prices.

The race in mazatland when well for the swim and bike, the run not as i would have liked. The gun went off and the battle thru the surf began, after what seemed like 5 monster waves i was thru. When i looked up i had some work to do to come out in a good position. Head down the rest of the swim and some luck catching a huge wave brought me out 20s down from the lead pack and right beside DJ Tache. Every race i seem to come out beside him and even with the surf randomness that went on here there i was reading the letters off his suit running into T1.

On the bike it was myself , tache and a mexican chasing the lead pack. At 2.5k the group started to let up and we caught on. The bike loop was very flat. 8laps of 5km out and back. Pretty soon the chase pack caught and it became a group of about 20 or so. Attacks were unsuccessfull and signs pointed towards the runners taking the race.

Into T2 i got blindsided running my bike to the rack and went down bad on my side. Its great i was racing when this happened cause i felt no pain. Realizing that i had broken my front wheel i cursed randomly and then carried the bike to the rack.

My race was over essentially coming out of transition and seeing the rest of the group 50m ahead. I tried to refocus and pick people off on the run, but things weren't flowing like they could have. I ended up 21st and beat up, but happy with 2/3rds of the race.

Here are some photos from the race:

I'd like to congradulate Jeff Symonds on a great race finishing 7th overall and winning the U23 title. I can't imagine how many people were like Jeff Symonds? ya folks this guy is the real deal, like the new age prefontaine. I have a hunch that with a similar race at u23 worlds this guy could be on the podium again!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

tucson tale

As the hog rumbles by the two riders her cellulite legs jiggy while hanging on to her partner. Neither wears a helmet and covering up their skin is not an issue. Why do they so carelessly ride with little protection from the sizzling tarmac?

Because this is the desert and the desert in badass. The cacti try to protect themselves with their quills but the rebellness lays a stentch over these plains. Things are different here and different is a good thing, especially when your a triathlete that goes thru the a lot of same motions while training.

This is my first training camp and i have loved every day of it here in Tucson. There is something attractive about all the red dirt and lack of vegetation. I feel i've toughened up while being here and i am in the best shape of my life.

the boys i'm with, steve kilshaw, scott dagnall, and jeff phillips have become not only training mates but good friends and feel like family. The mood is always upbeat and we get the training done by motivating eachother. As part of the buildup to the pan-american championships in mazatland we have a saying that always reminds us of our goal:


that's what this camp is all about, FORMAZ!


good stint here in tucson this past week. last week had a couple of tests to do. Friday had a 1500m LCM TT in the pool, 18:33, i'll take it.

Shoot em up saturday stevo and i joined the shootout ride here in tucson. starting at quarter to 7 the ride rolls out with about 50 riders or so. It is neutral for about 45mins and then all hell breaks loose for 45mins. Stevo was up there attacking and chasing down relentlessly as i hung on. I started to fell better and better as the ride progressed and actually challenge on the hill spring mid-way thru. The legendary gray wolf made a few appearences as well.

Today was an intense day with a 3hr interval ride this morning. this included 2x10min race pace followed by 4x6min at faster than race pace. We did the 6min pieces on the backside of gates pass. Stevo was laying the hammer down on these, great workout. Short run to follow and then a speed set in the pool of:

20x100 (3fast/1easy) holding best average.
5km total

Mazatland in less than 2 weeks.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Fooseball

Training still chugging along thru another build week. Tuesday was a good speed set in the pool. LCM at uofA. 26x100 as 2X(13x100, 100kick) 1 easy/1 hard. good set for me, the last time i did this set i was at 1:07, this time around i was at 1:05's.

Tuesday also had a hard run in the afternoon on a track located just a couple blocks from our house. 6x1km and 12x200 made for a tough workout.

Today the swim was more aerobic but with some drafting. This afternoon a 3hr ride took us out into the cacti forest for 4x10min at good effort.

This weekend we'll get our first crack at the shootout group ride here. looking forward to that.