Tuesday, October 26, 2010


WOw, what a difference. Huatulco you have quiet streets, deserted beaches, great food.....Puerto you have pollution, killer buses, and anyone and everyone trying to sell you something.

I really enjoyed my days after racing in Huatulco with Chantel. We found a great spot to eat, trained smoothly and got to see Matt Chrabot transform from zero to hero yet again, my man crush!

Arriving on thursday to Puerto the team met up at the Palmer suites. Friday we had a look at the facilities....wait, what facilities? Saturday was time for the meeting, which reminded me of those story books as a kid where "if you want to ride through snake riddled pits and fire breathing iguanas turn to pg. 43" or " if you want to run alongside rabid dogs and hassling salesmen turn to pg. 12". Left the meeting more confused and dying for a coke.

Race Time!

Deep water start for 70 guys actually went off pretty smooth. There were quite a few different groups forming and I seemed to be in the middle. By the first turn bouy I got into decent position. Not good enough position however because after 750 a break formed that would gain 30s coming out into T1.

On to the bike I had great legs for the first lap. Chrabot and Co. were just in sight, however the group of 8 seemed to be all about blowing the legs off and then freewheeling repeat. After lap 1 my legs seemed to build lactate. I went to the back and tried to spin it out, but to no avail. I struggled with the remainder of the bike, not able to really help the group. Coming into T2 we had grown to 20 or so and 30s had swelled to 2minutes to the lead group of 4.

Running was not pretty for 5k. I then started to find a bit of stride and held almost even to the leaders over the last lap. Mixed feeling about the race, but have put it behind me and moved on.

Had a nice few days after the race to spend with JP and Kirsten at an all-inclusive before heading back home to Victoria to enjoy the rest of my break with Noa.

2010 is a wrap, am looking forward to much better things in 2011.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Huatulco Race recap

Huatulco once again served up a great, tough race for us all yesterday.

First up for Canada was Chantel Widney. Entering her first WC, she was as composed and collected as a wiley veteran leading up to the start. Her bike arrived with 12 hrs to go time and she remained unphased throughout. Hats off to her 10th place finish. One to look out for in the coming times as her swim improves with each race. Was great to cheer her on as she blew through girls on the run.

AP and I headed down to the race site about an hour before gun time. With the hot temps i find only a swim WU is needed to get ready. The waters were marvelous, 23C and calm. The swim however was the opposite. When the packs merged at 200m i found myself playing leap frog with the mass of bodies. I was using a lot of energy in this process, so i made the decision to relax and reposition myself as best as possible for the first upcoming turn bouy. This worked as i took the inside line and then hammered along the outside. Still after the first lap i found myself back further than i´d liked. The second lap i felt great and continually moved up to come out in the bunch.

On to the bike there was a small group with the big players like gomez and charbot ahead that took almost two laps to reel in. Once it all came together the pace really eased up. A very strategical bike unrolled with brazilian team tactics playing out in the ultimate break that took a minute on the pack into T2

Out of T2 the foot race began quite quick and i found myself not able to match the early turnover. I settled in and focused on keeping rhythm and momentum as much as possible. Staying cool was also a big priority. After 5k a lot of guys began to crack in the heat and i made up some places. In the closing stages i had a portuguese just ahead of me and a mexican closing in, the last k was 100% mental. Crossed in 28th, good, but needs to be better.

Cold towel, banana, e-load recovery, massage...feels good.

Nice race dinner on the beach ended a great day.

Chantel, Chrabot and I will stay in Huatulco with some light training and recovery before carrying on to Puerto Vallarta on Thursday. Will keep you posted.

Aside: Water consumption during run.

4laps X 6 aid stns per lap X 1 500 ml bottle (poured on head, body, mouth) = 12L!!!!

Multiply that by 120 elites and you´ve got a lot of water used for a 30-40 minute run!!

Thursday, October 07, 2010


Arrived in Huatulco yesterday for the WC this weekend in the quiet town of many bays. Really beautifull here, a constant reminder of why i love to race here.

The course has been changed. it appears the mex federation has taken out the monster hill and replaced it with a flat boring ride. Many reasons are floating around as to why but it is what it is and we will race Sunday 1045 local time.

AP and I are loving our hotel right now. Along with swiss ruedi wild we are pratically the only ones here getting personable, A+ service.

The field here looks substantial, the race will be very tough and a great opportunity to express performance from both of us.

all for now,


Friday, October 01, 2010

Tuscaloosa ITU

Alabama is certainly one that I will remember. The race, the state, and the characters had a definiant engraining nature to them that stick into the old grey matter.

Arriving on Wednesday I spent the days leading up to the bang with Ben Collins in the luxurious La Quinta Inn next to I-25. Short workouts in the heat with lots of feet up time had me excited to race in the USofA champsionships as the lone Canadian.

Into the water/river we go for a straight shot of 800m to the first turn can. I struggled in this swim and found myself dangerously close to being popped a couple of times. I did manage though to exit the water at the back, have a good T1 and opening 2k on the bike, putting into the bunch.

The bike was perhaps the most interesting ride i've raced in. With Shoemaker in the group, it seemed like everyone took a turn on him each lap. He rode very well though and it wasn't until Matty Reeds spark on the final hill that some seperation occured. I felt strong on the ride and got myself into this break going into T2 for a clear change over.

Onto the run a number of guys flew by me. I seemed to get the legs turning over just after 5k and ran up a few spots to finish 9th.

Points, cash, and most importantly good Huatulco race prep = Mission Accomplished.

I'd like to thank Paulo for making the drive down from Nashville. Having the orange shirt on course was very uplifting. As well, Craig Taylor did a great job managing all Canadian affairs down there, making the time very enjoyable.