Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where I am

Today we did the beach to beach swim for the second time. Polo beach by the fairmount in Khei to big beach which is famous for its sand run section at Xterra Worlds. The 5k swim, google earthed by brent, is perhaps the most beautiful thing I can imagine. The pace has been a good strong effort both times, and both times I still find myself hoping it wont end. That we will just keep swimming with no worries no ties, just go.

to be swimming with some of the worlds greatest athletes a kilometer offshore in the deep blue chasing those bubbles....not even two feet of fresh powder could lure me away from this.

Whales were spotted during the swim as well as a zebra manta ray....just drifting along....

Yesterday was another moment i can't get out of my mind. We rode the west maui loop and I am sad that we wont be able to ride it again. breathtaking....absolutely breathtaking. Kahakuloa bay is stunning. Probably a village of about 100 people, you descend into it to find golf carts whizzing around the streets and then climb up out with its beautiful beach over your shoulder.

No poi yet Jeff, its hard to find an authentic hawaiian restaurant.

on climb out of Kahakuloa Bay

Kahakuloa Bay, Maui

Austin introduced me to a great band tonight, bon iver.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Just open the door

pictures and a few words

Coach Phil doing a great Job

Sam and Kyle climbing up the Start of W.Maui Loop

Austin doing a drive by

Paia Cementary - making death look beautiful

Andrew Kyle and Austin rolling well

The camp here in Maui is going very well. Everyone is focused and getting the work done. It is so motivating to be around a group of athletes such as this with incredible support from Phil and Patrick. I go to bed looking forward to each day and what is in store.

More later...

Friday, January 01, 2010

Workouts that stuck

Here are ten workouts that come to mind as 2009 has come and gone. These are the type that you know you'll remember as that moment unfolds.

Ready for Lemmon

10. Lemon TT

In 2008 we rode the 12mile Bear Canyon TT up Mt. Lemmon for time at a staggered start. In 2009 we were about to tackle it yet again and compare. However a last minute change to workout had us roll off in mass start...for some reason. I was too set on riding it for comparison so I rode hard from the get go to get clear road. With an all ACDC playlist I really worked the first 5 miles. At the ranger station I was caught by Kyle and Simon. I had a choice to make. Continue riding on my own or try to ride with them. I caved and went with him, hanging by thread at the back for the remainder. I remember nearing the top and having Simon continually looking back to see if I was gone, but that elastic didn't snap.

9. WWS Attacks

Preparing for Kelowna AP, Austin, AMac and I rode the Wallace/W. Saanich loop a lot. But one instance I remember is where we each had 2 attacks to play during the loop. We had all saved up our attacks so that nearing the end of the loop we were attacking and countering all over the road. Traffic behind us had horns blaring but at the time there was no concern for cars and their horns. They seemed like whispers as we were so oblivious to everything else.

8. Bogging

As the NT prepared for the Gold Coast in August we rode the hilly bog loop each week. All these workouts were great, some of the hardest riding i've done in the centre. In a workout like that you really notice yours and eachothers strengths/weaknesses and tendencies.

7. 100x100m

This was technically at the end of 2008 but i'll include it because it was for 2009 preparation. My first 10k swim but more importantly it was our last workout together with Neil Harvey. I miss that guy and his piercing whistle.

6. Thetis Lk 800's

In August there is nothing i enjoy more than swimming in thetis without a wetsuit. One morning we did a big set of I think 5x800 as 200 build, 400 Mid Race, 200 ez. It was 400m to shore, run out and re entry for 200 more before the 200 ez. The build didn't exist, it was hard right off the bat. Everyone was in great swim form and we gave the thetis lake monster a great show.

5. Gary's Roll

As the juniours prepared for Canada games, Gary Pallet brought his Manitoba squad to join PK for some training. At thetis one morning Gary got in the kayak to get a better look at his athletes swimming. Well, Gary didn't last too long before he rolled into the lake clothes and all near the small island. His athletes didn't let him hear the end of it.

4. 2:1

Perhaps the most vivid run workout has to be the 800's and 200's on Lochside trail. Some of the fastest running i think we all did that year and how couldn't you run fast with 3 coaches and the High Performance director all following on bikes encouraging you to giver.

3. Sabino Canyon

Just after turning around on an out and back Sabino run in Tucson Scotty twisted his ankle quite bad. We were quite far from help. Austin carried Scotty in a fireman hold for what seemed like a good mile. The others had run back to get a Warden who arrived after Austin's man handling feat and we are rode on the tail gate home.

2. Golden Gate Run

After flatting in the race the day before I decided to get a good run in before my flight home from San Francisco. I set off into Golden Gate Park and ran for 90' but was forced to walk the last 30' as my knee was just too sore. This would be the beginning of a 4 week rehab dealing with my first major injury.

1. AP Battle

A brick workout had to be in there somewhere and this one sticks quite well. After a couple loops of the waddling dog PK had set out a 2k out and back run on Lochside. Getting off onto the run first, AP quickly caught me in the first 200m. We ran side by side for about 1.6k surging on each other multiple times before getting to the last 200m. PK rode up beside us and called for a sprint! Needless to say AP left me by the wayside.

AMac teasing Austin and AP

0. KOM

A 3hr hilly base ride that turned into a slug fest. Every noticeable hill was an excuse to sprint/attack. One particular part that I still find myself laughing about was while along Ocean boulevard by the lagoon. Austin and I decided to attack the yellow jersey (AMac) who was drinking some Dr. Pepper as we had just stopped at the Lagoon market. We caught him off guard and had a gap. Our plan was to get enough of a gap so that we could hold on up the climb from the lagoon to fort rodd hill. Turns out McCartney tossed the Dr.P, caught us solo just before the climb and then proceeded to crush our dreams on the ascent.