Monday, December 20, 2010


90' cadence ride the schedule said.

Can't sit on the trainer on a dry day like this. Roll out and head for the hills. O'Natural cadence ride, big gear the hills, spin the flats.

Before heading out i came across this video on Ronnie Coleman, good entertainment, the catch line served as a good theme to the ride.

Some of the steep buggers on Munns/Ross Durrance were quite the test seated. When the cadence dropped real low i reassured myself it was "lightweight baby", all the while listening to this and imaging Brukhankov wrestling a bear on his way home through the snow after power swimming.

Good ride.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Abandon Ship

A lot of rain in Victoria eh. The garage was flooded this morning. Noa's work electronics ok though.

Something like this can be really stressful and annoying, but if you look on the grand scheme of things it is not that bad.

Not that bad like what happened in Minneapolis this morning. Poor Vikes. Just imagine if it happend when the game was on....A vertical avalanche coming down on Fav-ra after getting sacked. Adding insult to insult.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Train of Thought

A Sequence of thoughts, each leading and spurring on the next. Ultimately the thoughts result in a question that may end the train or take it on another totally different track.

I'm amused by some of the ridiculous trains of thoughts I have on a daily basis. The mind can really reach it's potential for obscurness when doing a repetitive activity such as swimming, cycling, or may or may not make sense.

Here is a random train of thought I had while riding today with Tyler.

"My low back hurts"

"This saddle blows"

"Your rides are numbered saddle, the replacement will soon make you hang up your rails"

"I'm gonna burn you, saddle"

"A Fizik Fire!"



"Nick got free propane the other day"

"Free fuel for cooking his meat"

"screw BC Hydro"

"mmm hungry"

"I wonder how much money you'd save per year from electricity/fuel if you ate a raw food diet?"

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Retro is Cool

Have been watching a bunch of the old grand prix videos recently. This particular race is quite good. Format was run/bike/swim!

They started with a 2k run that had a lead group a 6 form including stewart, welch, macca, bevan. On to the bike, Macca gets a flat tire and 2 guys are dropped, including Brad Bevan.......but then the 4th element comes into play, well i won't ruin it. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

No driving and No coaching make Noa something something..

Perhaps a little bit like what all Victoria peoples are feeling like at the moment:


Yesterday, my beautiful better half celebrated her birthday. It snowed lots which she enjoyed very much:)

We went for dinner to a new restaurant with great reviews down at the bottom of china town on fisgard. Ulla

Would recommend it for special occasions. Very tasty food, nice service and presence. Definitley quality over quantity though, which is fine, it just means eating before you go and after your home as well:)

Noa, just about to begin her Short rib main

Ling Cod for Me

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Riding Nowhere

The trainer. Sometimes it can be bliss, sometimes it can torture.

Its gotta be done though over the winter in the GWN. This clip of CT's Crew is a good one to get 'the ride to no where' rolling

Melt some rubber.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


WOw, what a difference. Huatulco you have quiet streets, deserted beaches, great food.....Puerto you have pollution, killer buses, and anyone and everyone trying to sell you something.

I really enjoyed my days after racing in Huatulco with Chantel. We found a great spot to eat, trained smoothly and got to see Matt Chrabot transform from zero to hero yet again, my man crush!

Arriving on thursday to Puerto the team met up at the Palmer suites. Friday we had a look at the facilities....wait, what facilities? Saturday was time for the meeting, which reminded me of those story books as a kid where "if you want to ride through snake riddled pits and fire breathing iguanas turn to pg. 43" or " if you want to run alongside rabid dogs and hassling salesmen turn to pg. 12". Left the meeting more confused and dying for a coke.

Race Time!

Deep water start for 70 guys actually went off pretty smooth. There were quite a few different groups forming and I seemed to be in the middle. By the first turn bouy I got into decent position. Not good enough position however because after 750 a break formed that would gain 30s coming out into T1.

On to the bike I had great legs for the first lap. Chrabot and Co. were just in sight, however the group of 8 seemed to be all about blowing the legs off and then freewheeling repeat. After lap 1 my legs seemed to build lactate. I went to the back and tried to spin it out, but to no avail. I struggled with the remainder of the bike, not able to really help the group. Coming into T2 we had grown to 20 or so and 30s had swelled to 2minutes to the lead group of 4.

Running was not pretty for 5k. I then started to find a bit of stride and held almost even to the leaders over the last lap. Mixed feeling about the race, but have put it behind me and moved on.

Had a nice few days after the race to spend with JP and Kirsten at an all-inclusive before heading back home to Victoria to enjoy the rest of my break with Noa.

2010 is a wrap, am looking forward to much better things in 2011.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Huatulco Race recap

Huatulco once again served up a great, tough race for us all yesterday.

First up for Canada was Chantel Widney. Entering her first WC, she was as composed and collected as a wiley veteran leading up to the start. Her bike arrived with 12 hrs to go time and she remained unphased throughout. Hats off to her 10th place finish. One to look out for in the coming times as her swim improves with each race. Was great to cheer her on as she blew through girls on the run.

AP and I headed down to the race site about an hour before gun time. With the hot temps i find only a swim WU is needed to get ready. The waters were marvelous, 23C and calm. The swim however was the opposite. When the packs merged at 200m i found myself playing leap frog with the mass of bodies. I was using a lot of energy in this process, so i made the decision to relax and reposition myself as best as possible for the first upcoming turn bouy. This worked as i took the inside line and then hammered along the outside. Still after the first lap i found myself back further than i´d liked. The second lap i felt great and continually moved up to come out in the bunch.

On to the bike there was a small group with the big players like gomez and charbot ahead that took almost two laps to reel in. Once it all came together the pace really eased up. A very strategical bike unrolled with brazilian team tactics playing out in the ultimate break that took a minute on the pack into T2

Out of T2 the foot race began quite quick and i found myself not able to match the early turnover. I settled in and focused on keeping rhythm and momentum as much as possible. Staying cool was also a big priority. After 5k a lot of guys began to crack in the heat and i made up some places. In the closing stages i had a portuguese just ahead of me and a mexican closing in, the last k was 100% mental. Crossed in 28th, good, but needs to be better.

Cold towel, banana, e-load recovery, massage...feels good.

Nice race dinner on the beach ended a great day.

Chantel, Chrabot and I will stay in Huatulco with some light training and recovery before carrying on to Puerto Vallarta on Thursday. Will keep you posted.

Aside: Water consumption during run.

4laps X 6 aid stns per lap X 1 500 ml bottle (poured on head, body, mouth) = 12L!!!!

Multiply that by 120 elites and you´ve got a lot of water used for a 30-40 minute run!!

Thursday, October 07, 2010


Arrived in Huatulco yesterday for the WC this weekend in the quiet town of many bays. Really beautifull here, a constant reminder of why i love to race here.

The course has been changed. it appears the mex federation has taken out the monster hill and replaced it with a flat boring ride. Many reasons are floating around as to why but it is what it is and we will race Sunday 1045 local time.

AP and I are loving our hotel right now. Along with swiss ruedi wild we are pratically the only ones here getting personable, A+ service.

The field here looks substantial, the race will be very tough and a great opportunity to express performance from both of us.

all for now,


Friday, October 01, 2010

Tuscaloosa ITU

Alabama is certainly one that I will remember. The race, the state, and the characters had a definiant engraining nature to them that stick into the old grey matter.

Arriving on Wednesday I spent the days leading up to the bang with Ben Collins in the luxurious La Quinta Inn next to I-25. Short workouts in the heat with lots of feet up time had me excited to race in the USofA champsionships as the lone Canadian.

Into the water/river we go for a straight shot of 800m to the first turn can. I struggled in this swim and found myself dangerously close to being popped a couple of times. I did manage though to exit the water at the back, have a good T1 and opening 2k on the bike, putting into the bunch.

The bike was perhaps the most interesting ride i've raced in. With Shoemaker in the group, it seemed like everyone took a turn on him each lap. He rode very well though and it wasn't until Matty Reeds spark on the final hill that some seperation occured. I felt strong on the ride and got myself into this break going into T2 for a clear change over.

Onto the run a number of guys flew by me. I seemed to get the legs turning over just after 5k and ran up a few spots to finish 9th.

Points, cash, and most importantly good Huatulco race prep = Mission Accomplished.

I'd like to thank Paulo for making the drive down from Nashville. Having the orange shirt on course was very uplifting. As well, Craig Taylor did a great job managing all Canadian affairs down there, making the time very enjoyable.

Thursday, September 02, 2010


To perform well in endurance sport you need a number of things. Too many to list here, but an area that I've really noticed the last while is committment. It sounds simple, but it's not.

It is not easy because to be committed you need to be darn right selfish at times. Turning down friends offers to ski, fish, etc. is hard to do.

There are many aspects to commitment that add to it's complexity as well. Commitment to your teammates, to your coach, to your country, and to yourself.

It's the last one that is truly the hardest. You are your toughest critic. There is no hiding from yourself.

If committment to yourself can be reached then your at the starting line. Then it will just take years of that commitment day in day out.

My season is running into October this year as I look to make up for some missed racing in June/July/August. With few training partners at the moment, commitment can't be stressed enough.

To finish here, I'd like to look at a case of commitment that has blossomed into something quite impressive this year. Although I'm sure for Matt Chrabot the commitment started well before Huatulco 2009, it was at this race that he showcased it to the ITU world.
On a course such as Huatulco, many thought Matt was committing suicide on the bike as he pulled away. To Matt though he was committing to himself and to winning. Every race since he has committed to the same plan; Sydney, Madrid, Kitzbuhel and most recently Budapest there is never any fear in commitment.

This picture has become a staple beside me on the trainer and treadmill these days to remind me of what can be accomplished with the right commitment....

Into the Wild

On Monday Noa and I returned from a great 'time away' from all things Victoria. We headed up to the interior to visit some family and friends. Salmon Arm and Revelstoke were both in shoulder season, not quite Fall but Chilly summer for sure.

Mhairi and Tim made us feel more than welcome as we enjoyed our time fully with them and the ever inquisitive Stella-Bean. Wednesday we had Stella all to ourselves and she did not disappoint with some knee slapping moments.

Off to Revelstoke for the weekend and a good visit with Dad. That town sure is changing, i must say though that I like it! Many neat coffee shops/bakeries opening up along with perhaps the best oil/vinegar/spice specialty shop ever called Crescendo, mmmm truffle oil. Sunday was the Mt. Revelstoke Steamer but alas I did not partake in the festivities, i was too scared that Catherine Pendrel, fresh off claiming the Overall WC Title, would beat me!

Saturday though I did have a great long ride. Here is my route. It is a beautiful ride. I recommend it to anyone visiting the area. It takes you from downtown Revy out along hwy 23 South to the Shelter Bay Ferry. If your really up for a good one, get on the ferry and then ride off it to Nakusp where there is a stellar hotsprings to realx in afterwards. You would need a lift back though, that wouldn't be happening after soft legs in the springs.

I had some intervals to do on the ride. Steady aerobic work and long. There is hardly any traffic or other riders on this stretch of Hwy. It was cold, damp and I was alone. I really began to take in my surroundings, feeling truly Canadian. For the last interval I had WLM (shivers, I know) on repeat while I looped the following images through my head.

Lumber Jack
Back Bacon
Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup drizzling over Back Bacon
Stick and Puck
Lone Wolf
Beaver Dam
JM Stomping the Podium
Lumber Jack....

To be honest, in that interval I have never felt more Canadian. I suddenly became overwhelmed at how lucky we all are as Canadians to take in this beautiful country each and every day, 100%.

Little over a week till Tuscaloosa. Keeping the head down and chopping.

Arriving Back Home

Removing the Crutch

As Tuscaloosa fast approaches I find myself realizing how fast the swim is going to be. This has the potential to be the fastest/toughest swim i've ever done in a race period. There are faster swimmers here (McLarty, Dye, Collins, Fleischmann, the list goes on) than the worlds cups i've done in a smaller/diverse field making it harder to hide in the pack. Looks like one loop from what I can gather with a straight shot 600m to the first bouy. All these aspects are gonna make it strung out and ON!

That being said, each swim workout leading up to this race takes on added importance to be done correctly and made the most of. At the beginning of this week I noticed one set in partiuclar on the program that caught my attention as the key to the key sessions, 8x300m Z4 (1500m TT pace). Mon-Wed held some key workouts as well, all making this set seem that much more important to be done with some fatigue.

Yesterday I found myself saying to myself...'8x300m its not that bad, if you get tired you can always use the crutch and pull a couple' Letting this thought enter my mind was one flaw, but actually believing it was worse. Later that night I went back on myself and stated 'What are you thinking? No, no pulling, even if you've sunk to the bottom your swimming that set througout. And dammit your gonna swim it well!'. The crutch had been removed. No crutches.

So, this morning after a good warmup, the ever positive DWL and I hit the set with a focused mindset to GET THE WORK DONE AND DO IT WELL! Although we did not have the ideal set up of swimming side by side there was a definite connection during the set that fueled both of us. Even though I saw Derek only at turns and for 20s at the wall each rep I knew as I swam that there was a guy 10m ahead in the same situation doing the same work.

It was no surprise that throughout the set this connection grew. When all was said and done we had completed perhaps the most consistent endurance set for both of us this year.

Money in the bank and laughing all the way there....

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cabbage Rolls and Borsch

This is a bit of a random post but in last few days different events have linked together around 'The Ukraine' so it's worth sharing.

I suppose i'll start by mentioning how impressed I am with the development of triathlon this past year in 'The Ukraine'. For some time their lone soldier and flagship athlete was Volodymyr Polikarpenko. Simon shared a story of Volodymyr just yesterday about how he grew up in a factory tower room as a kid. This season however I've noticed several Ukraine athletes having respectable finishes on not just the ITU circuit but also 70.3 and Ironman. To name just a few you have: Danylo Sapunov, Yuliya Sapunova, Maxim Kriat, Andriy Glushchenko, Rostyslav Pevtsov, Oleksiy Syutkin, and most recent IMC winner Viktor Zyemtsev.

If I watch some of these athletes swim strokes and running forms I find it hard to fathom how they can swim/run so fast. This is not a jab by any means, rather a compliment. You see I believe the way they do it is through pure grit and suffering. They have grown up and matured with less offerings than the Western world, or even their neighbour Russia, and hence have mastered the art of 'getting the work done' at any cause. This is all just a theory, it could very well be the result of their delicious native cuisine.....mmmmm cabbage rolls.

They did have 3 men at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 which you may not have been aware of although I think they only qualified 2 and were given another invitation slot. Nontheless, in 2 years time they most certainly will be another country on the growing list of nations fighting for 3 spots without a doubt.

So Ukraine, I salute you.

Now the real reason for this post, an excuse to play yet again my favourite Seinfield moment...Kramer had many ingenious ideas, some which I have modeled my life after, however on this one he was wrong, in both a Risk and Triathlon sense.

Aside: Some of Kramers Best Business Ideas

- A pizza place where you make your own pie. "We give you the dough, you smash it, you pound it, you fling it up in the air, and then you get to put your sauce, and you get to sprinkle your cheese and then you slide it into the oven

- A roll-out tie dispenser. "You're in a restaurant. You got a very big meeting coming up. Oh man! You got mustard on your tie! You just tear it off and you got a new one right here. Then, you're gone

- A cologne that smells like the beach.

- A coffee table book. About coffee tables, with little legs and a built-in coaster on the cover.

- A brassiere for men. Inspired by Frank's man-breasts. Named "The Bro" by Kramer but "The Manssier" by Frank. "Bro's no good, too ethnic."(Frank)

- A restaurant named "PB&J's". Serving only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

- A car with a periscope installed. To help urban drivers with navigation.

- A bladder system. "It's not for people, it's for oil tankers!"(

- A bottle containing both mustard and ketchup.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good Apple Video

How bout them Apples?

"When the time comes, you'll be able to run" N. Deutsch

The timing for me and this race could not have worked better. A week earlier and I might not have started, and a week later would have just been too long to wait.

The last while has been a time where i've discovered more about myself in this sport than in all years past. Having to give up an opportunity to race in Europe was very tough and felt like I was missing out on a huge development step. But staying at home and applying myself to the task at hand has opened up a path to race into the later half of this season.

Paulo did a great job of instilling confidence in me for this race and I feel the run progression we made together was coordinated to a T. I was more nervous for the Tuesday leading up to the race than on raceday. Tuesday had a motorpacing workout which went into a 2k run build. This would be the first pace effort for me in over two months. Relieved that i ran pain free, things began to fall into place throughout the rest of the week.

Perhaps 2 sports to focus on this last while has been a blessing. I've felt i've made large technical gains in my pedal and swim stroke with the help of Rick and Houshang. This has helped to create a more efficient one two platform.

On to the race...

What a great time. Full startlist was bound to happen at the Apple sometime. The organization and execution is World Cup calibre.

70 guys on tugboat beach. Starting on the right side i knew three key packs would emerge, one lead by Simon to the right, two lead by Bird/Darling to the left. That is exactly what happened with a merge happening just before the first can 250m out. The pace lifted after the run out and this managed to created a gap for about 12 of us at the exit.

On to the bike Darling and Fernandes had a small gap that was reeled in at the bottom of knox lead by Whitfield and Bird. At the top of the climb the group had emerged as Whitfield,Jones,Bird,Fernandes,Sexton,Bechtel,Bredschneider,Darling and myself.

Very impressed by Bredschneider. First year out of juniour and he stuck up that first climb well. A small error of closing a gap before the second climb was his undoing. You don't need to close that next time. Leave it for Mr. W :)

After the first lap I began to feel amazing in saddle. Relaxed, fluid and strong. The group worked well for the remainder, well everyone from above the equator that is. I felt we could have cut the group to an all Canadian affair perhaps if some more effort had been laid down on the later climbs but the consensus seemed to be keep it steady.

We came into T2 with about a 2 minute gap on the chase, which was a nice reward for our coordinated efforts.

First out of transition I quickly assessed how things felt in my knee. A niggle was there but certainly nothing hindersome. The first two laps went by quickly as Jon Bird and I ran together about 45s back of the front 4 of whitfield,jones,fernandes and darling. Sexton had come by us as well and was inbetween. At 6k I bluffed and put in a surge on Jon. I didn't know what would happen, but i knew i would not be able to stay even paced on the back half of the run. The final two laps i began to fade as expected. I was just able to hang on to 6th/3rd CAN as AP (nice run) and Jon closed in on me over the final K.

Surprised with what water running and low effort grass running had produced I am happy with this race and ready now to begin building my run fitness back up.

The fall will hopefully have three races in store:

Sept 25th Tuscaloosa ITU
Oct. 10th Huatulco WC (pending standards and qualification)
Oct. 17th Puerto vallarta Pan-American Champs

Thank you to Michele Rule for hosting Noa and I again this year in beautiful K-town. Thank you to all those who braved the wet weather to cheer us all on and a big thanks to Blair and the Muldoons for their encouraging presence and motivation.

This week will be Simon and Kyles last time here before heading over to prep and acclimate for the GF. I'll do my best to push them.

Friday, July 30, 2010

ITU Bike Course Improvements

Yesterday after one of Paulos "leg growing" rides, Austin and I had a good talk about ITU WCS Cycling and the courses. We came to a few conclusions and possible recommendations that might help improve this section of the sport for fans, tv and the general viewing public:


- Current WCS courses are not challenging enough to seperate the men from the goats with exception to Madrid.

- Bike Handling skills not showcased

- Bike segments are becoming too predictable (lead group out of water tries to hold off chase mob to no avail by 2nd or 3rd lap).

- The growing packs (50-60 riders) in combination with frustrated riders are increasing the chances of crashes and dangerous behaviour.

- Courses not challenging enough to put fatigue even into weaker cyclist legs for run


- Hilly Courses

- Hilly courses may not be readily available in most large cities such as seoul, london etc. so in exchange courses need to be made MUCH MORE technical.

- By MUCH MORE we mean MUCH MUCH MORE. ie. make the loop 2k or less, so 20x2k loop with chicanes, 180's, 90's, cobbles, you name it. Essentially make it a criterium course, which WILL seperate the groups and eliminate a lot of the other associated issues.

- No segment of course may have a straight away greater than 250m in length

- Some might say 2k is too short for the lap-out should not be racing WCS if the thought of being lapped even crosses your mind.


- More dynamic and engaging cycle portion of race

- Run times more accurately reflecting bike strength in athlete

- Athletes will be forced to become better bike handlers, resulting in fewer accidents/injuries.

- Perhaps the most entertaining endurance event on the planet

What do you think?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crystal Pool

When you spend a lot of time submerged in water most mornings you tend to pick up on a lot of things that the general public perhaps would overlook at Pools and aquatic complexes.

It might be sad to say, but when i travel somewhere I will tend to associate the benefit of the trip or overall feeling from it on terms of how nice the pool was. I'll remember fine details from the pool along with the obvious like it feels like my skin is burning chlorine levels.

Perhaps my greatest pool experience would have been at the '92 Olympic Pool (outdoor 50m) in Barcelona. Perched on top of a park that overlooks the city, it was a scorching day. After walking around the city sweating through my shorts I could not wait to dive in. The pool had this amazing feel of bubbliness and an airy/light water texture. Absolutley beautiful.

92 Games Pool

Another one that ranks right up there is the Parc Jean-Drapeau pool in Monteral. Stevo and I swam here in 2007 after Drummondville. The pool (outdoor 50m) is set within the confines of a castle looking building. We had a mission to get to this pool and although it took 2hrs travel one-way from Stevo's relatives it was well worth it.

I cannot talk about pools without mentioning the pool I grew up swimming in. The Queen Elizabeth Pool was concrete with gutters that could suck a 3 year old away. The beauty of the pool was its aspect. It gave you full view of the Begbie glacier while doing backstroke; never my favourite stroke, but it seemed to be when i swam there.

This subject of Pools came to mind after todays swim at Crystal with Austin and Brent. Previously when I swam periodically at Crystal I never took a liking to it. However as i began to swim more regulary at it, I found myself more and more becoming accustomed to its odd/irregularities that make it unlike any other.

- For 20 meters the pool is quite shallow (2-3 feet), it is just deep enough for your hand not to touch except perhaps if your Rick Say with big paddles on. This shallowness is helpfull for dolphin diving practice and if your just to lazy to kick that last 10m. As well during a hard set I find it comforting to be able to stand (or hunch over) gasping instead of tensley holding onto the wall waiting.

- The Pool has no flags, so you have to develop a sense of where you are on Backstroke upon landmarks on the roof....ok there is that glass dome beginning to end it should be time to flip over....uh waaaaaay too early.

- At the deep end wall there are underwater viewing windows that look in from a sunken carbio room. Often this spring I'd be about to flip turn and see Phil, hands cupped up to the glass peering in to look at technique. With my ghostly white winter complexion it made me feel like a beluga whale at the aquarium.

- The temperature of the pool is warm. I used to find it hot but have since acclimitized. The pools boiler dates back to the early 1900's when crystal pool used to be located at what is now Crystal gardens. Old boy is still pumping out at a good tick.

- Washrooms not so fond of. Keep telling myself to get sandles or I'll pick up a case of foot and mouth disease. They do have good hot showers though i'll give them that.

- Perhaps the most note worthy topic of the pool is the dedicated aquafitters. Our pool time is from 7:30-9:00. At 9:00 Aqua fit starts, which means the process of moving lanes from 50m to 25m happens between 8:50-9:00. Usually we aren't in the water till 7:35ish and this sometimes cuts things close with 5k on the board. You can usually still swim from 8:55-9 but you have to have your head up. We are talking Scott Stevens head up as aquafitter and random floaters will undoubtedly be crossing your path. This morning at 8:45 we had 1100 to go. 5x200 Pull on 3' and 100ez.

"3' eh rick, we wont make it"

"ok, make er 2:45"

Off we go, things look good. The ropes are coming out, but slowly, we should make it. We start the last 200 and time it perfectly as during the last 50 the usual guy is starting to bring across the get the #*@# out rope. As I touch I look up at the digi clock to see 8:59:57...awesome. I look back 2 seconds later to see brent T-Bone with a random backstroker crossing paths 2meters from the wall. Ironically this collision took place at exactly 9:00:00!!! Brent had paddles on though so it was the other guy i'd be more concerned over.

With these characteristics I do enjoy swimming at Crystal Pool and actually after being away from Victoria for even a couple days I anticipate a swim there. It is calming, soothing and sure to be eventful!

The Pool is however on its last hinges and I hear it will be replaced by a new facility within the next 5 years. You will be missed Crystal.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Winter LumberJacks at Work

Mens Alpine Ski Team getting fit.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Euro Ode

Euro Champs went today, always a good race to see how the european juniors look and see some team racing unfold. It looked as if that may have happened today in the Mens Elite race, is GBR planning something for 2012?????

Here are two more euro things:

First, Bryan Keane raising the respect for triathletes in the cycling world. On the course he also adds to this with some impressive power. Many athletes owe him a guinness or two for pulling them up to the front pack.

Euro Song i've been jamming to lately.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


back in '88 things were simple....speedo simple.....road bike shirt run simple.

Now things are complex......speed suit complex......electric shifting complex.....newton complex (had to Noa).

The way we look at ourselves in the sport has also become too complex. Too many ?-marks to address when perhaps we need to let the ?'s unfold and learn from them.

The question back in '88 was simple as I rode beside my dad training the run for Canada....."Is this apple juice gonna be enough for the both of us till home?"

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Weekend Message

Sometimes its not until you turn off the engine that you hear and learn how she sails...

No Man's Land

Things are on hold here at the moment. My body came to a hault last week. I had it coming, all signs were pointing to it yet I stubbornly trudged on. All the little things have caught up to me it seems and I'll need a bit of time to get these things back in order.

Taking a few steps back to take another leap forward.

Congradulations to everyone in CDL!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm back with a post well overdue. The month of May was quite a journey for me so I'll get you up to date.

I'll start with Glasgow. I was so excited and ready for this race that when things went wrong on race day I got very low on myself. I was confused and puzzled with my performance. Swim ok, but once onto the bike I felt like a boy amongst men. Not my day and it was a long way to realize it.

Arriving home to victoria I struggled to find motivation for some time. Then came an injury which made things worse (injury to blog post theory looks validated)

That same week I said goodbye to a good friend in Phil who I will undoubtedly miss. Merci Beaucoup.

With support from a number of people I began to make the most of each day. A new attitude was stressed by coach Paulo, which I understood as some wise advice.

Jump to June and Hy-Vee was fast approaching. My running was limited but I put the blinders on and just rolled with it. Upon arrival to Des Moines Rob Hasagawa and Kim Ward worked wonders to get me ready for Sunday, I truly see how world class they both are.

Race day came and I felt very relaxed. Kurt, Pat and Paulo had made the week roll along with a hitch and on race day a team could not have had better support.

As I stood on the pontoon I found myself smiling while listening to the heartbeat. I had a rough first lap on the swim getting a goggle knocked off but on the long re-entry run I was able to get it back on and moved up on the second.

Onto the bike I felt fine. No relapses of Glasgow, into the pack quickly. The bike was fairly frustrating, but am happy I rode within the rules.

Hit the run feeling good. 4-5k went by well on pace. Then the wheels started to wobble. I went for it without reservation but in the end the lack of any race pace running over 4 weeks sure enough began to surface.

Take the positives out of this race and move forward. The season is still very young.

Be with the moment cause that is all that exists.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Travel Bombs

First introduced to this recipe by my Sister, as she is always looking out for my calorie intake, I have begun to consistently travel to races with 'Travel Bombs'

I'll often find myself in a jam on the plane these days as free food is non-existent and sometimes the 1hr drive from the airport to the hotel can be agony. This is where having a couple of these in my carry-on can be the difference between feeling good and having my stomach digest itself.

I just made a batch of these 10mins ago. The recipe is from the White Water Cooks - at home Book with an adjusted title.

1 C Sunflower seeds
1C Sesame seeds
1C Rolled Oats
1C Choc Chips
1C Raisins
1C Dried Cranberries
1/2C Cocoa
1/4C Cinnamon
2C Peanut Butter
1/2C Honey
1C Coconut toasted

Makes 26 golf ball size

Simply put everything in a big bowl, mix, roll into small bombs and roll in coconut.

I was interested to see how many calories get packed into one of these guys, so I went onto FitDay.

Per Ball:

300 Cals as: Fat (51%) Carbs (40%) Protein (9%) % by calories

18g Fat, 33g Carbo, 8g Protein

At a avg. Volume of 4.19 cubic inches these boys pack 72 cals per cubic inch.

Bomb Silo

When baggage security asks you what the hell is that? Tell em they're the BOMB!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tartan Tripping

On Wednesday I'll hop aboard an Air Transat flight from Vancouver and, permitted we can find some holes in the Icelandic VOG, travel over to Glasgow, Scotland to race in the Strathclyde ITU European Cup May 23rd.

Long way to go for race you say, so why would I? Something new, something exciting, challenging course, challenging field, cheaper than Ixtapa (believe it or not), and an overall good excuse to visit my land of birth.

The winter in Scotland has been harsh. As a result the water temperatures are quite frigid and the swim may be shortened to accommodate, we will see. Yesterday a few of us hoped into Thetis lake with Phil and Jasper following in the kayak, warmer than usual for this time of year.

Our training has been ticking along with a good four week block that Phil has challenged us with. The progression seen in similar workouts, has been encouraging.

After the race i'll have two days to do some lighter training all the while checking out Glasgow and the Ayrshire Coast.

I haven't been as excited for a race like this in a while. Off WE GO!!

Studying up on my Glaswegian (have to watch it on youtube)

Song to travel with

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Generations

Nothing beats trying out a new pair of shoes for the first time. And when those first steps in the shoes are at 3'/k pace it feels even better....

At todays brick I got to have a rip in some fresh Saucony Type A4's. This is the new race flat for 2010 from Saucony. I have raced in three generations of their Flat (A2,A3,A4) and have seen the shoe progress to what it is now.

The A4 has some improvements that i found add to its overall performance. The heel cup has two added pads that fit nicely on either side of the achilles making for a great fit. The heel cushioning is thinner, this i like as I feel it promotes a better mid-strike. The grip on the shoe is the best array i've seen on a flat on the mid to fore foot. Add a bunch of drainage holes (so important for hot and sock-less triathlon) throughout the sole and you have a nice all round package for a flat.


Been a believer for 3 generations A2,A4,A3

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Public Swimming

Spurred on by past experiences and a recent post by Andrew Hall i thought i'd write a little bit about public swimming.

Swimming with an organized group with swimmers your level, with a coach on deck is the perfect world. Everything flows well, no hold ups and we can get through a workout quite efficiency. However some may feel this is perhaps a little too much like a laboratory setting. World Champ Alistair Brownlee swims a lot of time in public lanes, sighting it is more 'real world' like. I believe he has a point to some extent.

Organized lane space undoubtedly has its purpose and without it you just simply cannot do the key tough sessions effectively. However, when you have that rolling/recovery swim on your schedule perhaps it is better to go during public times. Choose the time when most people will be out too, like lunch hour. This is perfect as everyone is in to get a workout in 30-45mins.

Here are some advantages i've found with public swimming:

- Develops sighting skills

- Acquire coping strategies to contact

- Forced rhythm changes/surges when passing

- Decision making skills enhanced

Swimming rage however can sometimes enter the picture in public lanes. According to this article it is a growing concern. I really like the identification of the different water species, pretty accurate! As bystanders it must really give lifeguards some amusement and material for conversation pieces.

Friday, April 23, 2010

On my Definite to do Race list

Mazda London Triathlon 2009 - when else do you get to race around big ben and the london bridge in basically your underwear?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Monterrey World Cup

Monterrey marked the first race of the year. After a consistent winter of being pushed to another level of training I was foaming at the mouth to hear the horn.

I've learned a lot in the last 3 months. More than I thought I could. So when it came time to devise a race plan with Phil, I sat down and made it clear to myself what I needed to do to race well.

24hrs out of the race I began to execute this plan and stuck to it. Here is how it went.

For Mexican standards this race was cold. Water at 22c, air 20-25c with a cool wind made it important to stay warm at the start. I warmed up with a borrowed wetsuit, thx McCharles, and kept it on right up until they began calling us onto the pontoon.

The swim for this race was the area I had concern over. I had not been hitting the usual paces I tap out for 10days leading into this race.
All that changed though when I dove in and found myself on the hip of the leader. I then had a section where I struggled a bit and the mob was soon all over me. From there on I just had to focus on limiting the blows and contact in an effort to conserve yet still maintain contact with the group.

Have a look these swim videos to get the picture 1 and 2

Out of the water in usual fine fashion, AMac had seriously stung things out on the back half of the swim. A lead group of 8 or so joined andrew at the front. I found myself settled into the main pack of 25 I'd say. It included some heavy hitters on the bike(graves ,colucci, chrabot, butterfield) which had the pace cranked for 10k. I felt strong but still never got near the front until things settled a bit. The gap between the two groups shrunk to 30-40s and then stayed there throughout the 40k.

One engrained memory I have of the race was anticipating 4 or 5 water bottles to pop out as we rode over a large speed bump. I smiled as my $3 MEC holders did their job.

An error I made was coming into t2. I was too content and entered in near the back. This may have cost me up to 3 positions as I now look at the results.

In previous races I would sometimes dread the run. On this day though I looked at the run as my time to showcase the hard work put in and all the advice and support on running I received in the last while from all sources.

Focusing on maintaining contact with the group we set out for a fast first k. From 2-6k I felt very fluid and strong working my way up to 8th. The last lap I faded and couldn't match butterfield and a few others who came by.

Crossing for 11th I was elated and proud to have been able to express how if you stick to a process your goals can come to fruition.

Thank you Phil, my teammates, Noa, Jairus, Gibson, Dr. Guan, and my friends and family.

Next up: More hard work and the Vancouver Sun Run for a real good rip at 10k.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Heat training has been the addition to the later half of this week as we hit more and more specific prep for next weekend.

Riding 90minutes in simulated Monterrey Heat/Humidity with the goal of decreasing the sweat response time. You lose a lot of fluid though in these sessions 2-3kg so it is very important to replenish not only the water lost but also electrolytes.

The easiest way i find to top the stores back up is through liquids. E-load only has a certain desire for me of 2 bottles before i need something else. So Friday I threw together a healthy soup that I thought would do the trick:

Here is the recipe (click on veggies for nutrient/vitamin profiles)

1 Onion
1/2 Garlic Head
1.5L of Chicken Stock
8 large Potatoes
3 or 4 bunches of Broccoli
1 bunch of Swiss Chard
0.5L Milk

Get the onion and garlic going then add the stock and potatoes to simmer 20'.

Add broccoli, simmer 10'

Add Swiss Chard, simmer 5'

Add Milk and pepper, simmer 5'

Liquefy with immersion blender

total time: 50-1hr

Soup makes it easier to digest and this one packs a lot of electrolytes from the stock and veggies.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Pay it forward

Beacon Hill is quickly becoming my favourite spot to run here in Victoria. I do like to get lost in some of the more wild trails but BH has a quaint city park feel that makes you feel good when running there.

Today Austin, Andrew McCartney, and I ran some intervals there this afternoon in nice conditions. We warmed up along the waterfront with no wind (nice change), did some activation, and hit up the main set. While pulling back some air just after finishing the first rep I heard a conversation that struck me with great reward for what I do.

A couple were taking a horse buggy tour (similar to this but minus the beef-a-reeno) through the park. They came passing by just after we finished and this is what i remember hearing:

Guy "Do you run?"

Girl "I used to, but I'm lazy"

Guy "We should train for a 10k or something, those boys look like they're having fun"

Girl "You know i've never done a race before, that would be a good goal!"

Guy "Alright, its settled, we start tomorrow"

When i heard this my day was made. For our hard work to be noticed like that and to rub off on someone(s) was gold. It gave another jolt of motivation to know that maybe we can help influence healthy lifestyles and exercise.

The rest of the set went along very well. We hit the paces like clockwork and shared a good laugh when finishing our last rep we encountered a strange but very coincidently situation....lets just say enough to make AMac run in the opposite direction hahaha.

The Monterrey World Cup is fast approaching. This time next week I will have almost arrived to the Northern capital of Mexico and will be getting ready to start what I hope to be my best season to date!

Make sure to tune into the first WCS race this weekend to cheer on our Canadians (Simon,Kyle and Kathy) in Sydney, 2pm PST on here

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Monday Break

A few pictures from a nice day off on Salt Spring with Noa

Our table for Lunch, beautiful

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Close Call

Today I was reminded of precious life is. I made a very irresponsible decision and assumption during our ride today that could have taken away my life or worse, one of my teammates.

I sometimes find I get too into training while on the bike and disregard safety while on the roads. I feel I own the road i'm riding and the drivers should accommodate to me. It could be the lack of blood flow to the brain or just plain stupidity but I often catch myself making split decisions that benefit the ride and not my safety.

I reckon I was about half a second away from being killed today. I made a left hand turn while not stopping at a stop sign and was 10 feet away from being T-Boned by a Garbage Truck traveling about 70kph. Worse yet, i had a teammate behind me who could very easily have followed my lead and been the victim. After narrowly avoiding the collision I immediately thought Austin could be dead. Luckily he was a bit further behind and was able to see things unfold and made the safe decision.

I am still shaken up about it, especially with what has happened in the last week with triathletes and road accidents. Today will no doubt change my ways in regards to safety on the roads, its a shame it took this near death experience to make me come to my senses.

Lucky to live another day.

Ride Safe.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fenel Bulbs

Last night Noa cooked up quite a treat for her club foot boyfriend. Roasted, stuffed Fenel Bulbs accompanied with a great salad. I don't know the details of the meal, I just ate it, so she will go into the specifics of the prep and method on her blog.

However I do have the evidence of the meal which I can take credit for:

Looking to go faster this year? Get a nutrition plan worked out with her, very good investment!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Words from Triple T

Just when things were going really well and I had made the goal of contributing consistent training something flares up.

Tuesday morning during swimming i noticed a little cut on the left sole. By that night it was infected. The infection lingered and I decided to keep training wednesday. Things got worse, much worse, after a run Wednesday. The infection had spread and was creeping up my ankle...

To the doctor first thing Thursday and right on to anti-biotics. It is controlled now and slowly regressing but has me sidelined a part from swimming lightly.

I found myself saying this phrase from TTT this morning while limping around.....(starts at 2:20 in)

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Bandwagon

My friend Blair and I would always scramble eachother over 'jumping on the bandwagon' when playoffs or large sporting events came about. Your team/player got knocked out, you had to cheer for someone else and doing that was jotbw.

Recently the hoop-la surrounding barefoot running has made me jotbw yet again. When my family lived in Yellowknife, NWT I was too young to remember much. However, stories of Yellowknifer and such were passed on and when visiting my Dad in February I came across something that brought back a memory and allowed me to jotbw of barefoot running.

Sometimes my Dad would treat in very remote communities in the Arctic. Often families didn't have the funds available to pay for Dentistry so they would offer exchanges. Local art, and clothing are some examples. One family made a matching set of four parkas for us to shield the Arctic cold. These Parkas were the warmest jackets you could find. However the item that I will refer to in this post is a set of Mukluks . Truly Canadian footwear, Mukluks are worn by the inuit to provide warmth as well as excellent grip on snow and ice. A set was made for my family in exchange for some tooth fixing.

So, last week when it snowed slightly here I was secretly hoping it would dump and stay to try these babies out. However the snow didn't materialize, so no dice.

Maybe I can persuade the guys to do a high altitude running camp at Mt. Washington?

AMac has his five toe vibrams but lets be honest comparison!

Past and Present - Mukluks and Saucony Sinisters Both are beauts!

The Tempo run I spoke of in my previous post went well yesterday. 30 minutes building with AP to a good clip near the end. Nothing beats the staple tempo run.

Email from Phil last night quoted MAJOR fatigue to be felt over these next couple of weeks. Consistent training throughout is the goal; focusing on contributing as much as I can to benefit both my teammates and I hit our first races of the season in full stride.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Running Affair

This year i've come to love running. I look forward to each week anticipating the runs we'll do and the company and coach I am fortunate to do them with. The runners high is truly rewarding after a good hard session.

This weekend most of the Centre athletes raced in the Bazan Bay 5k out of Sidney. Great conditions welcomed 800 runners to a flat/fast course. Great results and PB's all round made it a great benchmark for everyone to build from. Fast running by all the Centre athletes has me very intrigued to see the results unfold throughout this year. Results

Steve Osadiuk has been a runner i've always admired while running the local running series on the island. He recently raced a big marathon in Japan (Lake Biwa), placing 16th. Here are a few videos of some of his training runs. Watching them really makes me want to run that tempo run tomorrow instead of waiting until Sunday!

SUNDAY 20 MILER from Steve Osaduik on Vimeo.

Lake Biwa Marathon 10 Mile Simulation Run from Steve Osaduik on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

NBC Comes to Victoria

My roommate and very good friend Marty had the amazing opportunity to work for NBC during the Olympic Games in Vancouver. Not only did he get to show NBC guest like Vince Vaughn and Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys Owner) around to events but he got tickets to all of Canada's Hockey games, Snowboarding, ski jumping you name it. Very jealous...

Here is a little clip he showed me when some of the NBC hosts came to Vic for a day visit. Seems like all they did here though was eat! They visited one of my favourites, red fish blue fish. A must do if visiting Victoria.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stella's Chicken

Inspiration to cook can come from many sources. From friends to the Food Network ( eg. Robert, to getting a cookbook for christmas. Today i smelt breaded fish in the hall and bingo bango i'm gonna some cod cakes sometime this week.

The other night i was thinking of something to make. As usual my mind wandered and I thought of my funny niece Stella....which lead to...

Stella's Chicken

- Brown 6 cloves of garlic and 2 big leeks in a large pot over Mid-High Heat

- Dredge 8 Chicken thighs/drum sticks with flour and Brown

- Add 2 bottles of Stella Artois

- Add 1 cup of water

- Add a bunch of turmeric, curry powder, s&p

- Add 3 Tbsp of Mustard (grainy is best)

- Bring to Boil and then reduce to simmer for 15'

- Add 4 large cubed potatoes and couple handfuls of raisins

- Simmer for 20'

- Stir in chopped Swiss Chard or Kale

- Turn off heat and let sit for 5'

Enjoy with 4 friends.

A great week came to a close today with a long tempo run at the lakes with Simon, Kyle and AMc. I've been feeling not so great in the workouts recently. Swimming especially i feel tired. With the new program this year i've become even more acute to importance of recovery.


Olympic fever full on right now. I can't remember the last time i watched something on tv for longer than 1 minute besides it. My favourite thus far has been Jon Montogmery

To me he truly embodies the Canadian Winter Athlete. Grizzly, pale, strong, confident, comedic, and gives er all for the maple leaf. When I toe the line this year, his reaction when he won the gold is exactly what will be running through my head.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

There is fit and then there is CROSS FIT (Retro-Active)

I did this post up back in December and kept trying to add the video i took. Finally i got the video to load so here it is.

On Wednesday I did my first strength session for the season with the group, lead by CSCP strength coach Cam Birtwell. Near the end of the session he got talking about a event he was doing on Saturday; A cross-fit event in Esquilmalt. I have seen cross-fit on youtube but I thought i would check it out in person.

So after swimming today I headed over to have a peek. I wasn't sure of the exact location but as I turned on to the street it was on I could already here something in the distance... The noises got louder and louder as I followed my ear to the door. I rolled my bike in the door to a boisterous crowd with Rob Zombie being pumped to the max. It had a fight club atmosphere that was filled with testosterone and estrogen, making the air thick and heavy. What I saw before me where people being pushed beyond their limits in a profound entertaining way. As I watched the competitors I had constant waves of goosebumps and shivers hit me. This stuff was CRAZY!!!!!!

Relating on a multi-sport level I found it very entertaining. To watch them scream, collapse, and get back up and do it again brought an uncontrollable smile to my face. These people were just as crazy as I as a triathlete, and that made me happy.

The final stage was a 3X circuit where the advanced men did a 275lb deadlift followed by a complete rings pull up to extension 12 reps each then 9 then 6. I tried one of these ring pull ups in the gym the next session and I couldn't do ONE! The women did a 135 lb deadlift? then chinups then ring tricep extension x12,x9,x6.

There was no weight class. The exercises are designed for a mix of weight bearing and non weight bearing to give no real advantage to a particular weight.

It certainly made our triathlete strength session look like a 2k ez swim.

Have a look:

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Running for Economy

After a good start to 2010 with a solid 3 week camp I took last week as a recovery for the first half and then built in to the weekend. Now we are starting another good 3-week block that should build on the fitness attained in Maui.

It was great to see everyone again at swimming. A lot of fast swimming done today during the 12x100's. In the afternoon Phil set up a measured mile loop at beacon hill where we ran a threshold set in the sun.

Yesterday i did my second attempt at an Economy test on the treadmill at PISE. Designed to determine your energy zones, this test went a lot better than the first time i ran it before christmas. 3x5' pace descending with 1' recovery. I ran the test in my Saucony Type A3's which just seem to float me along. The woodway treadmills at PISE are to die for, as in good but the price tag would kill you.

Am really enjoying Coach Phil and the training with the group. Good start to a great year for all!

Photo Credit: A.McCartney

Monday, February 08, 2010

Yo Yo Blueberry Pancakes

Thanks to Mhairi for sending this priceless picture of Stella representing the Westside after scarfing down some Blueberry Pancakes in style.

Seeing someone that small grow and develop is quite the experience. Next time I bet she talks!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Finish on a High

The Maui camp is in the books. It was nothing short of greatness. Good coaches, good support, good athletes, great setting.
The opportunity to accompany the National Team here has been an invaluable experience. The details i've picked up from watching them train, recover and live has been very rewarding.

The final week of the camp was tough. The workouts were now accompanied by accumulating fatigue and I found myself struggling mid week. Come the weekend though i began to recover and had some of my best days near the end. Yesterday was our final big workout with a long run with 50' Tempo. 14.5k in 50' was by far my best run of the camp.

If i find a saying from this camp it would be this: "Training is simply gaining fitness by getting rid of unfitness"

Today i've packed up and done a run/swim with Ben Collins who joined us mid way thru. Good to have you hear man.

3pm departure back to the GWN. Time flies when your training hard.

Yesterday afternoon Brent took us on a great little hike through a bamboo forest that lead to some potholes were we went for a dip. Here are some pictures:

Kirsten climbing up the scramble

Simon being the man

beautiful bamboo

Miss Quebec

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where I am

Today we did the beach to beach swim for the second time. Polo beach by the fairmount in Khei to big beach which is famous for its sand run section at Xterra Worlds. The 5k swim, google earthed by brent, is perhaps the most beautiful thing I can imagine. The pace has been a good strong effort both times, and both times I still find myself hoping it wont end. That we will just keep swimming with no worries no ties, just go.

to be swimming with some of the worlds greatest athletes a kilometer offshore in the deep blue chasing those bubbles....not even two feet of fresh powder could lure me away from this.

Whales were spotted during the swim as well as a zebra manta ray....just drifting along....

Yesterday was another moment i can't get out of my mind. We rode the west maui loop and I am sad that we wont be able to ride it again. breathtaking....absolutely breathtaking. Kahakuloa bay is stunning. Probably a village of about 100 people, you descend into it to find golf carts whizzing around the streets and then climb up out with its beautiful beach over your shoulder.

No poi yet Jeff, its hard to find an authentic hawaiian restaurant.

on climb out of Kahakuloa Bay

Kahakuloa Bay, Maui

Austin introduced me to a great band tonight, bon iver.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Just open the door

pictures and a few words

Coach Phil doing a great Job

Sam and Kyle climbing up the Start of W.Maui Loop

Austin doing a drive by

Paia Cementary - making death look beautiful

Andrew Kyle and Austin rolling well

The camp here in Maui is going very well. Everyone is focused and getting the work done. It is so motivating to be around a group of athletes such as this with incredible support from Phil and Patrick. I go to bed looking forward to each day and what is in store.

More later...

Friday, January 01, 2010

Workouts that stuck

Here are ten workouts that come to mind as 2009 has come and gone. These are the type that you know you'll remember as that moment unfolds.

Ready for Lemmon

10. Lemon TT

In 2008 we rode the 12mile Bear Canyon TT up Mt. Lemmon for time at a staggered start. In 2009 we were about to tackle it yet again and compare. However a last minute change to workout had us roll off in mass start...for some reason. I was too set on riding it for comparison so I rode hard from the get go to get clear road. With an all ACDC playlist I really worked the first 5 miles. At the ranger station I was caught by Kyle and Simon. I had a choice to make. Continue riding on my own or try to ride with them. I caved and went with him, hanging by thread at the back for the remainder. I remember nearing the top and having Simon continually looking back to see if I was gone, but that elastic didn't snap.

9. WWS Attacks

Preparing for Kelowna AP, Austin, AMac and I rode the Wallace/W. Saanich loop a lot. But one instance I remember is where we each had 2 attacks to play during the loop. We had all saved up our attacks so that nearing the end of the loop we were attacking and countering all over the road. Traffic behind us had horns blaring but at the time there was no concern for cars and their horns. They seemed like whispers as we were so oblivious to everything else.

8. Bogging

As the NT prepared for the Gold Coast in August we rode the hilly bog loop each week. All these workouts were great, some of the hardest riding i've done in the centre. In a workout like that you really notice yours and eachothers strengths/weaknesses and tendencies.

7. 100x100m

This was technically at the end of 2008 but i'll include it because it was for 2009 preparation. My first 10k swim but more importantly it was our last workout together with Neil Harvey. I miss that guy and his piercing whistle.

6. Thetis Lk 800's

In August there is nothing i enjoy more than swimming in thetis without a wetsuit. One morning we did a big set of I think 5x800 as 200 build, 400 Mid Race, 200 ez. It was 400m to shore, run out and re entry for 200 more before the 200 ez. The build didn't exist, it was hard right off the bat. Everyone was in great swim form and we gave the thetis lake monster a great show.

5. Gary's Roll

As the juniours prepared for Canada games, Gary Pallet brought his Manitoba squad to join PK for some training. At thetis one morning Gary got in the kayak to get a better look at his athletes swimming. Well, Gary didn't last too long before he rolled into the lake clothes and all near the small island. His athletes didn't let him hear the end of it.

4. 2:1

Perhaps the most vivid run workout has to be the 800's and 200's on Lochside trail. Some of the fastest running i think we all did that year and how couldn't you run fast with 3 coaches and the High Performance director all following on bikes encouraging you to giver.

3. Sabino Canyon

Just after turning around on an out and back Sabino run in Tucson Scotty twisted his ankle quite bad. We were quite far from help. Austin carried Scotty in a fireman hold for what seemed like a good mile. The others had run back to get a Warden who arrived after Austin's man handling feat and we are rode on the tail gate home.

2. Golden Gate Run

After flatting in the race the day before I decided to get a good run in before my flight home from San Francisco. I set off into Golden Gate Park and ran for 90' but was forced to walk the last 30' as my knee was just too sore. This would be the beginning of a 4 week rehab dealing with my first major injury.

1. AP Battle

A brick workout had to be in there somewhere and this one sticks quite well. After a couple loops of the waddling dog PK had set out a 2k out and back run on Lochside. Getting off onto the run first, AP quickly caught me in the first 200m. We ran side by side for about 1.6k surging on each other multiple times before getting to the last 200m. PK rode up beside us and called for a sprint! Needless to say AP left me by the wayside.

AMac teasing Austin and AP

0. KOM

A 3hr hilly base ride that turned into a slug fest. Every noticeable hill was an excuse to sprint/attack. One particular part that I still find myself laughing about was while along Ocean boulevard by the lagoon. Austin and I decided to attack the yellow jersey (AMac) who was drinking some Dr. Pepper as we had just stopped at the Lagoon market. We caught him off guard and had a gap. Our plan was to get enough of a gap so that we could hold on up the climb from the lagoon to fort rodd hill. Turns out McCartney tossed the Dr.P, caught us solo just before the climb and then proceeded to crush our dreams on the ascent.