Thursday, April 26, 2007

What you say? Its getting hot in here?

With just less than 2 weeks away from the race in Mexico, Patrick has wisely introduced Steve and I to some heat training. Both active and passive heat training. So every morning, pretty much, after swimming we hit up the sauna. Today we did around 35mins or so. Progessively i have noticed a better tolerance but today, wow, i felt it. We did 15mins then a cold shower followed up with a tough 20' more.

Actively we have done two trainer workouts in 30-35 heat. THe temperature and time will both increase i suspect, you have to ease into it. Stevo and I were talking with AP who is one of the top U23 athletes in the country and he was saying how simons W's group did heat training in close to 50 degrees!!!

Mon-Thur has been adaptation days, so slightly easier. Swim each morning of 3.5-4km with usually a light run or bike in the afternoon. Tomorrow we get back into the swing, with sunday being the Times Colonist 10km run. Im interested to see how i'll do. Its been about 3 months since my last 10km of 34low.

will keep you all posted.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Kyle Marte

I also forgot to mention a great triathlon story about a week overdue....

My good friend Kyle Marte and I both studied materials engineering at UBC. Kyle saved my butt in many classes and is highly educated. My triathlon obsession rubbed off on Kyle in our last year at UBC. He competed his first triathlon at UBC and became so hooked that with just over 3 triathlons under his belt Kyle didn't want to mess around any more with the short distance stuff and signed up for Ironman Arizona.

This race was just last week in Scottsdale. I forgot all about it somehow with this busy training schedule until a training partner mentioned it last sunday. When i came home that day i quickly logged onto to see if i could follow Kyles race. I could, but after what seemed like a while, and when i would have expected Kyles second bike split to come up it didn't. I started to dread that maybe the heat or some mechanical problem had cut his race short. It wasn't until later that night when i thought to check again that i found kyle had finished the race! There was a big lag in the split posting and probably while i was enjoying a fried egg and turkey sandwich Kyle was gutting it out on the marathon.

Kyle you amazed me and I am very very proud of you!

11:30:10 In his first ironman...awesome!!! Being a man of iron has gotta score the honeys.

Thinking of putting the career on hold for a few more Kyle?

Sooke Sprint Race Report

Quickly recapping friday and Saturday....Friday we had about a 4k Swim in the am with a main set of 4X400 in draft packs of 2 or 3. I swam with Jessica Kirkwood switching lead by the 100 and we held 5:05-5:15 throughout the set. After the swim Stephen and I had a lengthy chat with Patrick about finalizing a race schedule for this summer. It now looks like Stephen and I may travel to Japan in June and July to do 2 asia cup races in Gamagori and another location (can't remember the name). After the chat 4 of us racing Sooke had a brick session where we do a bike loop of about 10' then transitioned into our runners for a 3' run. Three times went Med-Fast, Fast, and then Race Pace.

Saturday was a light 45 min run with some drills and strides followed up with an easy easy 3k swim, then a hot/cold session.

Sunday was Sooke. Got a ride out there with matt sharpe and his mum and met up with the rest of the boys and Patrick. Went thru a good warmup and then the race season began! The Pool swim was 700m, my turns and streamlines were poor but my stroke felt strong and efficient. Came out in 8:20 or so and made it uneventfully through T1. The roads were dry, sun was out, time to rock. Head down, right up the first climb then settled into a good cadence and went to work. There were some strong wind gusts coming off the ocean so i made sure to really stay compact and low. The bike course was the highlight of the race, scenic roads quiet and well marked. My new easton tempest Carbon tubulars made a world of a difference on the rolling hills and climbs. When standing the tires accelerate like a dream. Rolled into T2 and slapped on the runners. The run was not the greatest course. I felt good but it was hard to find a rhythm with the steep downhills and uphills. Just when you find your rhythm there is the finish line waiting for you.

All in all was a great first effort for the season. I won the event and Patrick was pleased with my performance. Full results can be found at

until next time..GO CANUCKS GO!!

Thrusday - two songs forever

Its sunday but i wanted to try and trick you all by pretending to post as if it was thursday. I have done this before a couple times and unless your sharper than a marble you'll have noticed the post date is a couple days later....anyways the secrets out so no mo tricking...or treating for exactly another 192 days.

So on thursday had an easy swim in the am, about 3.5km and then a run around the lake with my ipod shuffle. I just purchased this lovely piece of electronics. Never before have i given into the ipod cult but now i have. The new shuffle is great cause it clips onto anything and is minuscule. So as i am running two songs came up, Like a Prayer(Madonna) and 'Hair of the Dog' (Nazareth), that brought back memories of a fine fellow...Jesse Berton.

For those of you who don't know Jesse Berton let me briefly introduce him to you. Jesse Berton, born and raised in the heartland of Prince Rupert, came into my life in my first year of university. Quickly he became known as "Berton". Berton was a man of many wonders...skilled in the dark arts of incredible fashion sense, a rapist's wit, trained in ballet and tap dancing, and the intellect that got him through chemical engineering by being able to not go to a single class, then read the entire text book the night before the exam and score a higher grade, baffling everyone, than those studying until the cows came home.

As i was saying, Berton's wonders in dance allowed him to marvel the crowds at pit wednesdays. THe moves coming out of this guy and the choregraphy improv would dazzle the best dance with stars judge. When Like a Prayer came on, usually requested by someone who knew Berton, the show began. There were many other numbers in his ensemble but Like a Prayer was the one for me.

Hair of the Dog now was a song that took place in an entirely different setting. Hair of the dog was a regular number on any given day of the week, so pretty much at any time in Bertons room of 5th Dene. Bertons room was the gathering place for all of us kick back, play some crib, drink tea and other delicious beverages. These nights could lead anywhere....

Heart breaker, soul shaker
Ive been told about you
Steamroller, midnight stroller
What theyve been saying must be true

When the Chorus kicked in I will forever remember Bertons Face, eyes squinted shut, nose crinkled, and a quick head jolt in the backwards direction as he sang...

Now your messing with a....a son of a bitch

Berton is a man that everyone needs to meet and have a dance with.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Newton Heights Crit

Tonight was the first crit for our group out at Newton Heights on a 3k'ish hilly loop. Stevo, Jeff, Scotty, Aaron, Matt and myself were all in the B group which was about 20-25 or so.

We had ridden the loop doing some steady state work about 2 weeks ago, so we were well aware of the key sections, ie. the two step make or break climb. The race was steady with some efforts, and no crashes to report. Stevo made a spirited solo break-away with 3 laps to go only to be caught on the last climb to the finish. A vega team guy won it, i nipped stevo for second, stevo 3rd (although easily the strongest rider of the group). Rode back to the pool and turned it in for the day.

In the am we had a 6km swim with a tough band set that was as follows:

4x50 band only on :50
2x100 band onlly on 1:30
400 swim

4 times

Now the 400 swim was first thought to be at moderate effort but after the first one we were all told to get our act together and push the 400. Went 5:05 for the last 400 and boy was I done.

Canucks in five tomorrow night!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Retirement Plan

Today i found where i want to retire, once i get a real job and actually grow up a bit. But until then I'll plan out my retirement before i even start work. We had a three and half hour ride today from Victoria out to Sooke along East Sooke road. Anyone visiting Victoria should drive this road, scenic, rugged and worth your time. It basically pops in and out along the southern coast of the island and ends at Possession point which overlooks Sooke Basin and Juan du Fuca Straight (or is it Strait?). At the end of the road is a new devlopment called silver spray. This is where I want to retire. At first i thought Belclarra, Up the indian Arm near Vancouver, was the place but nope this tops it. So beautifull!

When we got back we had a 20 min run (10tempo/10base) and then a hot/cold to finish off another great saturday. The weather held up to for an added bonus. Tomorrow is a longish base run followed by a bouy swim at the pool which should be interesting and a bit of a wrestling match.

The Scarab

After work on Thursday this week, one of the whale watching outfitters who moors his boats on our docks asked if I wanted to come out for a spin to test the waterline of the boat. He was working on adjusting how the boat sat in the water by moving around sandbags, but for me it was a free trip. Thursday was not the calmess of days out on the ocean. Windy and choppy....

Now this boat is built for speed, long, narrow and outfitted with 3x250Hp outboards. Once we got out of the inner harbour speed limit, Brett (the driver), says "Ok, im gonna take it up to Max" what!? no said anything about max anything! Holly moth balls, i got scared in a hurry. Adrenaline rushed through my body as we hit 40knots (90km/hr) over big waves, catching air. At one point a wave actually busted me up off the floor of the boat and i was weightless, good thing there was handles to hold on to. The whole trip was a bit much for me, my knees actually hurt when we got back, because of all the impacts. whew, solid land never felt sooooo good.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Double Dip

Two double dips today, none of the george castanza variety though.

First double dip was a Bike/Run this am. Started off the morning with a BIG breakfast...6 wholewheat pancakes, 2 eggs, yogourt, banana, and banana bread..I LOVE CARBS! Bike was 2.5 hrs with 3x12' STeady state at the Sidney TT loop. Steady State turned into almost race pace though with workhorses like Stevo and Julien. The run off the bike was hard but felt smooth. 50' in total going build by 10' from 0-40' then a 10' CD. Followed it up with some more food, chocolate milk and a hot cold session. Our hot/cold is done at the pool using the hot tub and an ice tub. Alternating 6' Hot, 2' cold and your legs feel somewhat normal after a workout like that.

Next double dip...Hockey. Canucks were first up and clinched the division. BIG HITS and BIG SAVES (if you watched, you know the ones i'm talking about). Next up Leafs/Habs do or die game. 4-3 right now for the Habs and i'm really enjooying watching my neighbour squirm over his leafs. There is a third game but who cares about Alberta!

I'll try and get some photos up sometime, im looking to get a digi camera with video, any suggestions?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Urinal Business

The urinal business, after a long chat on a long run, is a stagnant market that is waiting to be tapped. And I will be the one to exploit. I'm not going to say how or what, that is the secret, but a group of us have something lying in the ruff that may be our ticket to paradise....those of you who do know and are reading this keep those lips sealed!

To pick up from the last post. Sunday was a long 100' base run along the waterfront followed by a strong swim workout in the pm. Craig had a two great sets for us and these are them:

8X150 on 1:50
8x100 on 2:00

Great set, just made the 150's and then into an easy 100, the meters flew by.


600,400,200,100 descending /100 pace with each and descending stroke rate.

Then i was off in a mad dash to catch the 7 ferry over to the mainland. Drove home to Revelstoke the next day to spend a few days with my parents and then returned to Victoria late last night. Today (thursday) was an easy 4k swim in the am followed by a short 35' base trail run then off to work on the docks.

This weekend i believe we have a good brick planned. Something along the lines of a 20' bike followed by a 10' run x 8. It was 16 here today and might hit 20 tomorrow. It is here baby, the smell of race season is just around the corner!