Saturday, January 31, 2009

brazilian times

tomorrow we race here in brazil!!

travel down and prep has gone pretty good; jet lag is thinning and the heat is getting better. being able to just wear a speedo for 1/4 of the day and shorts for the rest is pretty convienent.

The hotel we are staying is right on the beach; and has a great breakfast each morning with my new favourite ; banana tarte.....mmmmm

The small beachside town we are in is Guarjua. Very close to santos, a large shipping port; and actually on an island i was told 5mins ago: being summer here right now it is pretty busy on the beach; but the town is for the most part a national holiday retreat; so i am still by far the palest person in a 50 km radius.

lunch and dinner are provided at a restaurant about a block away. Each night it is sort of surprise what we order as our portugese is non existant. i have been having fish most of the time as it is fresh and cooked with lots of capers; mmmmmm

all the teams stay together at the hotel and the guys are all really nice: The teams will all be competitive tomorrow; so it will be great racing:

3X 250m swim; 6k cycle; 1.3k run

the suits are tight like a tiger: i brought down some pre race speedos to get acclimitized for the real thing. you could say they acted sort of as a stencil before putting on the real deal: jp refused to reveal his manhood when we practiced in the surf on friday but now is suddenly flaunting himself to the chicas with race speedo...

it is a quick exit for us tomorrow after the race but our short stay here has been wonderfull and i think just what we needed to break away from some leg and arm warmers

ive been trying to upload photos for the last 30mins sitting here sweating but its not going to happen on this connection; i think the internet at the hotel is on brazilian time....

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All I need for Brazil

Visa's arrived less than 24 hrs before departure...the brazilian way i guess.

Racing will be fast fast fast.

Long trip tomorrow, but i've got a couple of great teammates to spend it with!

Will report in a couple days.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The NEW Chocolate Milk

Well, now that Rick Say has left the Pacific Sport Victoria Swim Centre there is no more chocolate milk in the pool fridge to sneak. Chocolate milk they say does the body good. But Black Strap Molasses does the body more good. Packed with more calories per buck, more sugar, more iron, and more magnesium, molasses is "the new" recovery drink. Sure only 1g protein per 100g but protein can be taken from other sources. Black Strap, chug one down!

The theme to 2009 so far has been rhythm and style. Finding a rhythm in whatever workout i'm doing, and being in the moment with that rhythm. Finding the rhythm translates to feeling smooth and fluid. Sunday's long run at Thetis felt great mixing it up on Mckenzie Creek in a good rhythm. Today however my legs were very sore, the lateral stresses from the twisty trails took it's toll.

Many people have been asking me when my first race is. Over christmas my response was..."I don't know I haven't looked that far ahead." Then came an opportunity I could not pass up...I will be racing in a little over 10 days in Brazil as part of the Canadian mens FAST team. Very short notice and still up in the air if our visa's will be processed in time but if things work out,myself and teammates Jeff Phillips and, Austin Horn will travel to just south of Sao Paulo to race on Feb 1st. The event is very popular there as Kerry Spearing ,who just raced in the womens event last week, can attest to. The race is a super sprint format of 3x(300m swim, 4k cycle, 1.4k run) with 15' rest in between sessions. As a team we are definitely an underdog, but that hasn't stopped the Arizona Cardinals from reaching the superbowl so we will roll with that.

Time to down a black strap before bed, some hard swimming to be done in the morning.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bowie blamed for Recession?

The Rolling Stone reported today that Sir David Bowie may be to blame for the present recession being felt worldwide...

Ziggy..No way man, but have a read here.

It is true there is a global recession though, but fortunately triathlon doesn't seem to have been affected by it yet. The number of ITU races for 2009 is up and there is more prize money. Kevin Collington, a US triathlete i've been racing the last couple years, did a post from the San Diego Union Tribune regarding this topic right here

Some of us from the centre ran an 8k this weekend on the peninsula. It was a fast field and it hurt! First good effort like that in a while though is bound to. THe plan is to race a 10k in two weeks and have a better, less hurting, effort there.

It sure is quiet around here right now, with half a dozen athletes and PK away racing. The rest of however are getting some great training in though. Now that the snow is gone cross rides are back on the menu du jour, often following a 6k morning swim with ample space (4x50m lanes with underwater video for about 8 swimmers!)

all for now.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My New Adopted Pull Bouy

At the conclusion of the christmas camp I lost my existing pull bouy. I was pull bouy-less thru the holidays so I just used the communal ones at the various pools i swam at. Now arriving back in Victoria, yesterday, I needed a pull bouy for practice this morning. So as PK is beginning to explain the workout I began to scavenge the deck for a float. I came across the perfect candidate.

Beat up, abused, homeless, and seemingly chewed by either a pool shark or water dog this pull bouy was ideal. No one would notice its vacancy and I could let it do what it loves to do best.

May my previous pull bouy serve its new owner as this one will serve me: letting me slack off and take the legs out of the equation.

Madonna and Angelina adopt kids, I adopted a pull bouy today.

Columbia River Hockey League

Monsieur Doon Sssshhhnipes It!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Game

I knew the final game of the round robin between the US and Canada would be a good one so i made sure i was back from the ski hill in time to settle into the couch and enojy.

I didn't know that this game would be the best game I have ever watched....juniour, nhl, olympic....this was THE BEST! These boys on both sides were so fired up it was contagious and I rode the rollercoaster of up and downs throughout the game. The 3-0 hole we were in. Tavares getting us out of that hole. The hitting was unreal. THe cheapshot from the US bench, the mind boggling save by Tokarski and then the Tavares empty netter to seal the deal baby with pure strength.

Watching the game I took heart to PK Subban, something about his style and agressiveness at the blue line that hits home. I hope we can get a rematch in gold medal game or perhaps with sweden who look very strong crushing russka 5-0.

Juniour Hockey is the real deal. Passion, Fire, and for the love of the game. I'll remember some moments of this game this summer when there is 2k to go.

2006 WJ Vancouver, Swedish Fan for the Day