Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Once you think you've got it, someone else is GETTING it.

In the last 4 days i've watched this clip dozens of times. Everytime it reminds me of a phrase, sport pyschologist Dr. Bruce Pinel, based here in Victoria, told me a few years ago.

"Don't race to the finish line....race through it"

Monday, February 20, 2012

Pulled Pork on Pancakes

Noa and I are fans of Diners Drive-Inns and Dives, wait, who isn't?

Anyways, a while back, Guy visited Vancouver and went to a cafe in East Van called Red Wagon. Known for its modern comfort food, one of its specials is Pulled Pork on Pancakes...... this was the seed to what ranks up there as one of the best dinners I've had, no joke.

Noa, has a recipe for Swiss Chard Cakes that is top notch on its own, add to that some 6hr slow cooked pork w a chocolate/cayenne rub, bbq sauce from scratch and her complimenting kale slaw and this is what you get:

For sure to be a part of her sport nutrition cookbook in early summer, I do enjoy being her #1 tester.

Thursday, February 09, 2012


Right about this time of the year the mind can start to wander. Winter has truly set in and your looking for some light. Training is going well and your itching to race, but the real stuff is still a ways away.

The head needs to stay down, blinders on, trust the program and coach.

Case in point: Cole Trickle, NASCAR extordinaire, back to racing after his near fatal smoke screen accident with Rowdy Burns must face his fear in Daytona. Trust in himself and his coach....

and just because it is one of the best movies ever, the final laps....