Monday, September 17, 2007

Hong Kong Phooey.....Number 1 Superguy!

Getting things organized here for a trip to Hong Kong tomorrow. Where is that passport?

I'll be taking a 12hr flight tomorrow night and be staying Ikko, a friend of Marty's that I have met and had some good times with.

This photo here shows where Ikko lives (red dot) and where the race is held (blue dot). The airport is down in the bottom left corner. Click on the photo for a larger view

This will be my last race for this season and it looks to be quite competitive. Many different top athletes for all over. There are 5 Uzbekistan athletes, i'll have to beat those guys for Borat!

After this race I will be heading home to Revelstoke for 3 weeks or so before coming back down to Victoria to begin training for next year.

I'll try and give an update in Hong Kong before the race!

Check out Hong Kong Phooey. This song will no doubt be running thru my head during the race.

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