Tuesday, August 04, 2009

4 Minutes

When you exit on the shores of Okanagan Lake to hear the crowds you have 4 minutes...

When your heart rate starts to sky rocket and your legs feel like rubber as you crest the bridge you have less than 4 minutes

When you mount your steed and start to hammer you have 3 minutes

When your trying to make that group just up ahead at the railroad tracks you have 2 minutes

When you see kids frolicking on knox beach while your body feels like it's disintegrating you have 1 minute

Then you see it...

It rises from the valley floor like a steeple

You have no more time

This is it

The acceleration you've been waiting for

This is where your race can change...

- In 2007 my race changed for the worse, in 2008 my race changed for the good....what will 2009 reveal?

You reach its top and feel the lactate flush....'wait I have to do that 5 more fu$King times?!'

- Matt Chrabot 2007 post race - ''Dude, that hill is legit!"

Yes, yes it is.


Alex Coates said...

Best Post ever!

Alex Coates said...

although I've never done the hill, so I don't know what it's like.