Thursday, September 02, 2010

Into the Wild

On Monday Noa and I returned from a great 'time away' from all things Victoria. We headed up to the interior to visit some family and friends. Salmon Arm and Revelstoke were both in shoulder season, not quite Fall but Chilly summer for sure.

Mhairi and Tim made us feel more than welcome as we enjoyed our time fully with them and the ever inquisitive Stella-Bean. Wednesday we had Stella all to ourselves and she did not disappoint with some knee slapping moments.

Off to Revelstoke for the weekend and a good visit with Dad. That town sure is changing, i must say though that I like it! Many neat coffee shops/bakeries opening up along with perhaps the best oil/vinegar/spice specialty shop ever called Crescendo, mmmm truffle oil. Sunday was the Mt. Revelstoke Steamer but alas I did not partake in the festivities, i was too scared that Catherine Pendrel, fresh off claiming the Overall WC Title, would beat me!

Saturday though I did have a great long ride. Here is my route. It is a beautiful ride. I recommend it to anyone visiting the area. It takes you from downtown Revy out along hwy 23 South to the Shelter Bay Ferry. If your really up for a good one, get on the ferry and then ride off it to Nakusp where there is a stellar hotsprings to realx in afterwards. You would need a lift back though, that wouldn't be happening after soft legs in the springs.

I had some intervals to do on the ride. Steady aerobic work and long. There is hardly any traffic or other riders on this stretch of Hwy. It was cold, damp and I was alone. I really began to take in my surroundings, feeling truly Canadian. For the last interval I had WLM (shivers, I know) on repeat while I looped the following images through my head.

Lumber Jack
Back Bacon
Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup drizzling over Back Bacon
Stick and Puck
Lone Wolf
Beaver Dam
JM Stomping the Podium
Lumber Jack....

To be honest, in that interval I have never felt more Canadian. I suddenly became overwhelmed at how lucky we all are as Canadians to take in this beautiful country each and every day, 100%.

Little over a week till Tuscaloosa. Keeping the head down and chopping.

Arriving Back Home

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