Monday, May 07, 2012

Mixed Bag

First time I heard we were doing a 'Mixed Bag' run workout w Jon it reminded me of going to birthday parties and getting a goodie bag at the end. Not sure why I made this association but nontheless it was there. 'Mixed Bag' runs have quickly become my favourite sessions. Usually the Mixed Bag appears 10 days prior to a race and/or an abbreviated version 4/5 days before. So if a mixed bag is on the schedule then racing is coming up! Yesterday we did a mixed bag at Beacon Hill in what were great conditions. Using the petting zoo as a regroup zone Simon and I ran the workout on the mile and 800 loops. I'd never ran the 800 before, quite liked the layout and feel of it seemingly being just 400. With peacock gallery providing boistorous, distracting mating calls we not only had to hold form during the varying pace workout, but also mindset. Later in the afternoon I had a great ride on my new Teschner SL9, which I will review soon on our Trimes Team Blog. Enjoying the spring weather which has started to become consistent I warmed up for 50' out into Metchosin before riding a 'spirited' 1hr sweet spot loop which I've embeded below. I created this segment on Strava so currently hold the KOM if your interested in taking it down: The first time I rode this loop was roughly four years ago with the vintage BAMF Filliol Crew. Beijing was approaching and the boys had labeled this ride the 'Beijing Loop'. It was to be their final major bike workout before heading off to China. I lasted perhaps 20' before being shelled by the powerhouses of Jordan Rapp, Colin Jenkins and Simon. Joel motorpaced me behind the cube for a while until I almost blew over the barrier on the Roche Cove descent. After that I think he figured 'this kid is on his own.' This Sunday I made some slight deviations from that loop to make it as close to 1hr as I could. Couple more days preparing here in Victoria then off to San Diego for round #2 of the WTS. Race goes Saturday at 2:30pst.

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Daniel Wells said...

The infamous "Beijing Loop". That kicked my ass as well!

All the best in SD A-Russ!