Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Good Week

Last week was a good solid week for me and I feel strong. ON the weekend we did a nice ride out to Williams Head Penetentiary south of Esquimalt. Although it was wet it was a good ride and steady in my base zone with a few efforts on some of the climbs. FOllowed that up with 30' off the bike and the day was done.

SUnday was a long solo run. I ran 1'53' which is probably the most i've ever ran at one time. A little sore, but to be expected. I looped around elk/beaver lake twice back to Commonwealth. THe afternoon was a 5km swim with a superbowl set thrown in. Colts beat the Bears 12-7, highlighted by the team waterslide TT that Kerry surprised everyone with the fastest rip.

Monday was a deserved day off. Today at the pool 7:15 for stretching and core activation. Craig Taylor has a good set of core exercises we cycle thru and new stuff added all the time. One which is particulary hard is get into a plank position on a mat (like a pushup position but resting on your forearms) and alternate tucking an arm to place on your hip, hold for 5 seconds then return to plank. Cycle thru that 4 times each arm and you feel it baby.

Short run after swimming and another tempo run this aft at Beaver.

The return to hell resumes tomorrow evening....

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