Thursday, February 08, 2007

Just Skiffed it

Wednesday swim was a big one 6.2km. Main set was 18X150m (2Hard/1Easy). Held consistently 1:55's. A short half hour efficiency run right after and then began resting up for the Heat Time Trial #2.

This time the test was actually fun. Well to the point that i felt good and wanted to complete the whole thing but once again my core temperature got too high and i had to be cut off. When thinking about it I can't really see how anyone could keep their core temp below 39.5 when your surroundings are 42 and you are producing heat by exercise, the math doesn't work. One more to go next wed. and then i'll get some good data from the study. It is also rewarding that the work i put into this study will be used to help olympians at beijing.

Yesterday was capped off by me just tapping a deer that ran at angle across the street and almost into my car. The best word to describe the encounter is skiffed cause that is the sound i remember. I just skiffed its rear hoof, but it and the car were unscathed.

sun's out and its 11 degrees, perfect for an afternoon run after work.


Anonymous said...

No more updates??

Anonymous said...

You mofo. I didn't know you were updating this thing. Have you taken on the shape of an Ethiopian marathon runner yet? As for myself, I have taken on the shape of a 40 year old NASCAR fan from West Virginia. I think it's time I start hitting the pavement and losing some of this flab. To think, it's been one year since the Warrior Poets conquered Storm the Wall...