Saturday, May 10, 2008

I for Intensity

This week has been very intense. Intensity is the theme right now and actually volume isn't too far behind, we're looking at about 27hrs.

Two hard runs this week totaling 20km at race pace or above. First was a 10k tempo of Elk Lake on Tuesday (33:49) and then 9x1km last night on the track.

Two solid rides with 8x the Durance Climb. That was possibly my favourite cycling workout to date. Before the workout i wouldn't have thought it possible to big ring the climb, but half way thru the set there you are 53x17/19. Today we had 6 loops of the west saanich/wallace loop on the board at a "steady" effort. Two heat roller rides this week, no hands has now been accomplished.

Swimming has been typical for this week. Speed on tuesday (40x50 ez/hard), draft packs on Wednesday (8x300), TT on Friday, Steady Saturday.

Monday was a great day where Stevo, Scotty and I volunteered for PacSport at Cordova Bay Elementary. The School had their annual sport expo where the kids get to meet high performance athletes in the region (swimming,rowing, lacrosse, triathlon, diving...) We had the kids run thru a mini triathlon that included a swim cord swim, roller derby bike, and aerobic step run! The kids all had a great time and we did to. Even the elk lake Triathlon Monster made an appearance for the kids. See the picture below, it is a little blurry as the cameraman was shaking in his booties.

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