Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Power of Words and Changes


Great race for me, great swim strong yet fluid. First onto the beach, but nipped at the mats for the preem. The long run along the beach and thru the hotel was killing me and as result i had to work hard on the first k on the bike to bridge up to the 4 others. Whaddya know 4mexicans and 1 Canuck, but this time the mexicans all worked their butts and we built a 3'30 lead coming into T2 on the mob. The run for felt lousy, but i stuck it out for 4th, best result to date!

A few race photos

Today i was reminded of the beauty of Revelstoke. Bebgie Glacier while running steady state, dont mind if i do, beats staring at elk lake (no offence elk). Training in the Stoke brings back a lot of good memories and certainly motivates me to get out the door. This afternoon i headed out with some wolfmother to do one of my favourtie running loops. When i got to the trailhead though i was met with backhoes and dump trucks. The resort expansion had taken away my loop, well it had tried. I made a detour thru the bush and caught on to it part way. Turns out there are now more trails now and I found a new loop to my liking. As well with the machinery being around i don't have to worry about grizzlies stalking me and taking me on as their new chew toy.

This weekend i will get in for some ow swimming at williamsons lake. Small lake, probably 600m long, but has the best head up sighting view you could want and a sunken viking ship to oggle at each lap. As well my Dad and I are headed to Armstrong on sunday for a century ride. Beautifull riding in pleasant valley and the salmon arm area.

Interior baby, once the snow melts its gold for training.


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Sebastian said...

Thanks for coming out and racing with us today Andrew! I hope you can join us again...
let me know if later on in the year, I can come and join you guys for a few swim / ride workouts !