Thursday, November 27, 2008

Good News Bad News

Right after we finished a 4k regeneration swim this morning Coach Harvey says: "Bad News" ...oh no i thought he is gonna add another kilometer on or maybe some buzz cool down.... "Bad News, this practice is over." ....phew!

"Good News" he says, "Good news is we have another practice tomorrow"

I could tell though that the real good news was that Neil knew that this moment marked the end of our 4 day regen swim period. I know he has been itching all week to see some fast swimming. So I asked him , "So, what's going down tomorrow morning then, 6k?"

"We are gonna rip you to shreds tomorrow. Well maybe not right away tomorrow, but pretty close."

Am I scared? Well a little, but i'm fired up more than anything. Neil has a good way of bringing out the best in you between the lanes.

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