Sunday, April 19, 2009


This morning I met Swiss Nic for our long run out at Thetis. Chatting about the usual stuff, comparisons between TriCanada and TriSuisse...the usual characters like Marceau, Hug, Whitfield, McMahon came up during the 90' run over and around Stewart. I find it very interesting talking with him about similar situations between the two countries....for example,

"Nic, did Sven Riederers' bronze at Athens have the same effect that you have seen Whitfields medals have here."

"No not really, triathlon already had a popular participation and youth program underway, but Fabian Cancellaras' medals are a similar example."

He went on to explain how Fabians' Monster performance has rescued cycling in Switzerland from being tossed aside due to all of the recent doping cases and allegations.

Another interesting event happened with Nic this week. On an easy 30' run with AP and I, AP hurdled over a snake crossing the trail:

AP: "WHOA snake!"

Nic:"No, not a snake...was a Blindschleiche"

Me and AP: " Hahahaha...a WHAT?!"

Nic: " A Blindschleiche, looks like snake, but it isn't"

Me: "No I'm pretty sure that was a snake"

AP: " Yup , me too"

Argument ensued with no resolve but...

Later that day Nic showed me what he thought it was on wikipedia as a Slow worm or Blind worm. Native only to eurasia I guess that is why we didn't believe him, but goes to show there is some weird stuff out there.

With the PATCO championships approaching in under a month, Patrick has started to ramp up the intensity of the workouts. Cycling this week was tough. Yesterday we had one of the most race-like workouts this year. A two round longer brick of 15km cycle/2k run. The whole group if fit right now and it showed as no one was able to sustain a break on either bike portion. The second round was full on race effort, and it lived up to just that. The bike went like this, attack, chase, counterattack, repeat. On the 2k run AP and I had an epic battle following the same attack format of the bike....with 200m to go PK rides up on the scooter saying "HARD finish" , damn there goes AP!

Gorgeous day here, time to head out and enjoy it.

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