Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blue 42...Blue 42

When I broke my neck in the year 2000, I was told I could never take up contact sports again......well here I am 9 years later and apparently I am in a contact sport. Not what you would think with Triathlon, and certainly not the case on a day to day basis, but today had some serious contact.

Lets start in the morning. After a good longish warmup the bouys were in place for a good set of bouy swimming. 4x50m Lanes is a lot of space if you look at it with no bouys. But with bouys it looks like a bath tub. So the workout was a good one....

2x (1x 5 loops, 2x 4 loops)

With the addition of a few euros to the group this workouts have been more interesting. This morning was just bad. Waterpolo came to mind as I had contact made at EVERY bouy! I guess it is good race prep, but less contact = faster swimming for EVERYONE.

Luckily I was able to have a contact free easy run following the swim.

Tonight was the first crit for the group this year. A hail/rain storm rolled thru just before the 630 start. Cold to start I quickly warmed up and felt in a good rhythm as the laps counted down. AMac had some good breaks, but unfortunately didn't have other stronger riders to go with him and hold the group off. Still good riding there white knight!

2 laps to go we hit a corner and BAM AP goes down right in front of me. WIth nowhere to go I proceed to ride over his bike, flip over my handlebars and have my bike go KAPOOey up in the air. Luckily we are both ok i believe, and the bikes didn't suffer any major damages. Needless to say I was a little steamed not to finish the race as I was feeling great. I cooled my jets as I TT'd down the Trans Canada mashing out in the Big ring home. There will be little sleep tonight though as I think adrenaline is still coursing through my veins.

All and all a good day on the gridiron.

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