Tuesday, September 01, 2009

No Title

No title for this one, bits and bites (that wonderful WestJet snack) of the last few weeks.

AP and I drove down to Kelowna what seems like a month ago but was the thursday before the big shabang. Was hot the days leading up to the race but then characteristically cooled off giving us 25C and 21C water temp.

Made sure to warm up in the wetsuit before the start. I find for myself that if the temp is borderline i need to warmup with a wetsuit to get my shoulders warm. I think 40 guys started in what was a true nationals. I had a good start with AMac to my right. After 50m or so I ducked in behind him but found myself sharing his feet with Mr.Whitfield. We stayed this way until I gave in and went behind. I was lucky there was a little gap behind Simon and that is where i tucked in. AMac soon after , set his spinnaker up and sailed away for what was a 40s lead coming out of the water. I tickled Simon's feet for the remainder of the swim and was very pumped to come out of the lake in 3rd with Kyle who would lead us out of T1.

On to the bike I was not able to help Simon and Kyle for the first lap. My body was not responding well on the first climb, they actually waited for me, hoping I could help keep Paul and Brent from bridging up, but I was pretty useless for the opening 15' of the bike. It wasn't until Paul and Brent caught that i started to feel better. The 6 of us (whitfield,mcmahon,tichelaar,jones,mccartney,russell) worked in unison and fairly fluid for the remainder with no major attacks being played.

Coming into T2 i felt i could have a good run. However I found myself a little flat and unmotivated to make myself hurt for some reason. I was stuck in 4th gear and as John McEnroe would put it 'needed some more hot mustard' on that stride.

I did manage to hold off Austin and AP who running me down from the chase packs, but work is needed on run this winter.

In all I am pleased with the result and especially feel good about the swim.


After the apple Noa and I visited my Mhairi, Tim and Stella in Salmon Arm. We were treated to uber amounts of fresh produce grown in the back yard, eggs laid from across the fence and many good times admiring Stella Bean and how she is changing every day. Thanks Var and Tim!

Then it was off to Revelstoke, home on the range, for a few days to visit with my Dad. Noa and I went to regenerate ourselves at halcyon hotsprings near galena bay on thursday and then had a visit to the summit of Mt.Revelstoke on Friday. I rode up the 27k (0k marker to true summit) climb in a little over 1:17, but not good enough to better Mountain Bike Olympian Catherine Pendrel of 1:16. Had Noa not made me take my cell phone up with me I would have beat Pendrel.... Noa did some altitude running at 6500ft and then tried to keep up with me on descent.

Saturday we headed to my good friend Josh and Jill's Wedding being held back in Kelowna. What a beautiful golf course they had picked looking over the Lake and vineyards. A lot of neat additions to this wedding that were quite entertaining.

Sunday was the big day for Noa. Ironman! 5am start with Kamal giving us a lift to the race site. I won't get into the details of me not being able to drive due to a 2 month expired license, but lets just say when they send you a reminder act on it right away or you'll forget.

Ironman was quite the day. I cannot believe the amount of time that must go in to organizing one of those. My good friend Steve Kilshaw was racing pro in his second big dance and I had good hopes he would show his talent to all. Although it was not to be on that day, sometimes the pop is flat. But he is true ironman, in fact more like a martensiteman (look it up). Too often I feel Pros will just throw the towel in if things aren't playing out like they had hoped. This is unfortunate as a Professional should set an example to others as how to compete. Steves grit to gut out the marathon, reduced to walking almost the entire course, was an example to all that you finish what you start.

Back now in Victoria, I am preparing for two races in the short term. The Vancouver Olympic Triathlon in Stanley park on Labour Day and then Muskoka 70.3 on the 13th of September. I revisited my Time Trial Bike this afternoon with some fears as to how my knees would feel after, but things feel not bad.

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Hey Loaf! Its Hui, haven't talk to you in a while. Whatsup. I think I just saw Paul in Wainwright...What the hell is he doing in wainwright?

Anyways I see your still doing the Triathlon thing. Im still doing the army thing.