Sunday, September 13, 2009


I like Oats, i eat them most mornings, great way to start the day

Today however I had a run-in with an O.A.T official during the Muskoka 70.3 that has put a damper on my oats love affair. Will get to it shortly....

8am start to the race held just outside Huntsville at the Deer Hurst Resort.

Great swim, relaxed and in rhythm to the exit where I came out in 3rd with Bechtel. We made the killer T2 run up from the lake to the bikes and mounted our tripped out steeds.

The lead group quickly formed with Paul Matthews (swim leader), Craig Alexander, Richie CUnningham, Sean Bechtel and myself getting it on very early. I last about 2k before I was put off the back, never to see those guys again. I worked on my own through to about 45k where a Brazilian (Ascendo?) and a big German named Maik came by me. Again I hung in for a little longer this time (maybe 5k) before they rode ahead. Great conditions for the bike and what was an amazing course. Always kept you guessing and shifting pretty much for the entire 94k. I struggled a little over the last 10k on the out and back section that had some really good stingers that hurt oh so good near the end of the ride.

Coming in to T2 things were looking good, in 7th spot and about 2' from 5th. Then Mr. O.A.T came into the picture.

Frank the official came chasing after me as I set out on the run out of transition, yelling at me to stop. In hindsight I should have just kept running, he couldn't have caught me.

Frank: " 4' minute penalty for dismount 1 foot after the line"

Me: " You have got to be kidding"

Frank: " This is your first X two more and your a DQ. Go to the penalty box to serve it"

Me: "This is ridiculous, absolutley bogus ( i actually said Bogus, it just came to me)

I cursed my way over to the box and couldn't believe what was happening. I was joined very quickly by Brent Poulson who was given the exact same penalty. Both costing us some good races.

To be one foot over the dismount line is like giving a penalty for hooking with 2' to go in the third period of a 1-goal game.

The phrase "LET THEM PLAY" comes to mind

I don't believe I was over the line, I think my second foot to strike was and that is what he saw. But a call is a call and if it costs you Prize money then it stings just a little bit more.

After the penalty and started the run, on a rampage. Way too fast but I needed to vent after Franky's call.

I began to hurt and suffer around 8k where you ran up a long climb. It was the cheers and water stations that kept me going, especially the one manned by my Homestay family (Rob, Justine, Madeline and Seb you guys have been great!!)

I crossed the line in 9th in 4:14 +4minutes for 4:18.

I did somehow manage to grab a Clearwater spot. Everyone in front of me has one so I lucked out.

Muskoka has been a great stay and look forward to racing here again, next time however I will get off 1 foot before the line, for Franks sake.


Vincent said...

shitty deal with the official. I have a friend who raced Cultus this morning who sprinted for 3rd place in her age group and got it, only to go to the board and see she had gotten a 2minute penalty because her number on her bike wasn't parallel to the ground.

When she asked why she was the only one who got this penalty even though she pointed out several other bikes with exactly the same number mounting (including race winner) she got no answer and lost 3rd.

Never know, sometimes they are just on a power trip.

good race though

Austin Horn said...

What a deusche! It make me so angry to see what small people will do with a little bit of power. Don't worry A-Russ, Karma is headed that guys way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,
I was just reading a few of your last posts and found the contrast between this one and your last one funny. Please take no offense just discussion. You said "Professionals should set an example to others as how to compete", refering to athletes not finishing races. I agree that a dnf is not a great result for anyone, to think it is an easy decision couldn't be farther from reality. The disapointment in not finishing a race that you put months of time, effort, and sacrifice into is very tough to take. On the other hand, taking a penalty in a race and then cursing at the official, cursing on the way to the penalty box, and then calling him out by name on the internet in my opinion is a bad example of "how to compete". In a half iron you could dismount a meter from the line and with your run speed it is not going to cost you more than a second.
Again not be offensive just found the post interesting.
All the best.
Dallas Cain

A-Russ said...


thanks for you post.

Point taken, my emotions took the better of me.

However I feel an instance where ''they'' make the decision as oppose to "you" making the decision a little more complicated.