Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hong Kong Arrival

San Francisco....what a gongshow.

Trip plan was Vic -> SF -> HK

Vic to SF went well, small plane was thrown around when descending but I managed to keep my no puke streak alive when flying.

However it was a monsoon in San Fran, heavy heavy rain and 60mph winds.

Looking at the departures board in the airport the HK flight was on schedule, great!
Board the 747, change watch to HK time, well time to sleep.....
Wake up, need to pee...stand up and walk back to the toliet but the stewardess stops me and says to go back to my seat...turbulence i guess. Sit back down and then have a look outside to see where we are. Hey we are at an airport....and its raining and windy...wait, this is still San Francisco!

I had slept for almost 4hrs yet we had moved perhaps 100m!! No wonder I slept so well.

We continued to sit there and then the pilot thought he had a chance to take off with the winds favouring us, but still no dice. 747s are quite heavy and don]t like the wind so much

In the end we deboarded, waited for new crew and pilots and then reboarded. Leaving 10hrs after schedule.

I was able to let my friends know I was going to be very late. I arrive at 3am and there is Ikko waiting for me outside the gate!! I could not thank him enough.

Ikko and Erica have moved slightly since my last visit. They still are in a ginormously tall apt building of 45 floors. Ikko showed me his complexes pool this morning and I went for a splash. Nice pool, awkard length.

It was quite nice to walk out of the apt this morning with 25C. The humidity isn:t too bad either yet so it is nice.

Had a look around the Ho Hum Marketplace and had a street noodle breakfast. Most interesting food item I saw would have to the eel tank, big suckers.


Wolfman said...

Good luck Loafer - you've got at least one ex-pat Canadian in NYC cheering for you.

Kyla Coates said...

Have a great time and good luck over there A-Russ!!