Monday, October 12, 2009

Preparing for the Orient

Time to post, time to travel.

Tomorrow I will fly over 8000 miles to do a race. Why?

To Compete.

Originally I thought of racing at the Dallas and Los Angeles LTF races. Closer to home, little time change, but the ITU allure was too much, ITU is just too compelling that I had to fly 8000 miles to do one and then fly 8000 back home.

What is my plan for this race?

The same as almost everyone else. Swim like a fish, try to get away on the bike and as Jarius put it so well, run from the hip. But in ITU that plan can change in the first five strokes and can continue to change throughout. So there really is no plan....just race like a Canadian and believe in my ability.

My training has me very confident right now. I need to travel smart, activate, and prepare for this race like it was my last.

I would like to thank Champion Systems for helping out with this trip. I have had nothing but 100% support from them from July. It is a home race for them and I would love to represent them well.

I can't wait to toe this line and go to work.


Anonymous said...

Have a good race Andrew !

Pat Hamelin

Jairus Streight said...

Good luck A-Russ!