Friday, November 06, 2009

Huatulco WC

I´ve arrived in Huatulco for the last World Cup of 2009. First impressions of the area are great. It is the nicest spot in Mexico I have been able to visit. The blend of small resort with a spectactular coastline have me enjoying the trip already.

Everything is within walking distance from the hotel. Have just gotten back from a swim at the venue, which is at the bay of Santa Cruz. Warmish water which is very salty. Coming back into shore there are consistent slow rolling waves that you can hold onto at race pace. The feeling is like having fins and paddles on, unreal.

Hot/humid conditions will make for an interesting race on sunday (830am pst). The demanding course as well is sure to take its toll.

I am coming in with no major expectations other than to be as competitive as I can be on the day. I love this sport, and to be able to race in a place like this makes everything that much more rewarding.

View of the swim start, Santa Cruz

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