Thursday, November 12, 2009

your hot then your cold...

Huatulco recap

swim was great, perhaps my best swim for the effort i had to put out of the year. Not a good start as i dove under Serrano, but didn't panic and just found my rhythm when clear water came. 15th or so around the first bouy and then basically just kept out of trouble and made sure to breath to both sides.

good exit and T1, straight into the pack and felt great up the climb on the first lap near the front. The first 2 laps i found a distinct pattern to how the lap was played out. On the 3rd lap on the descent a gap formed right about in the middle of the group. I wasn't really concerned, as were the other guys in the split. but then things didn't lull up as they did on the previous laps where it had. So ben collins and an estonian athlete were cranked it up to close the gap. The three of us along with kevin collington caught back up at the base of the climb. For me however the chase was too much and I couldn't hang on, on that climb. Frustrating as a rode the remainder with 4 others but a lesson learned. I didn't have the respect for those athletes and course that I should have. I was too passive. I look back on my coaches comments for the bike before the race and can only look back in regret that i didn't follow them better.

by the run i was cooked, well done in fact. All my focus was now on crossing that finish line. And i did. 23 men finished the race, 26 men dnf'd. Some coming to an actual standstill on the was that steep.

This was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life, both physically and mentally, and i am very proud to have finished.

That evening the race had quite a nice wrap up dinner where a lot of the athletes were ready to let loose as it was the end of their season.

The next day I traveled to Tampa Bay, home of the lightning for my final race of the year. 70.3 World champs.

I met Brent and Carolyn in the airport that night and we drove over to clearwater beach where we are staying in a condo about 1k from the race transition.

The ocean here is quite choppy and there are constant strong winds. Come saturday it may clear up a bit but if not, it will be challenging day. It is pretty cold here though compared to mexico and there has been a fair amount of rain.

Today brent did an interview with tsn. following up after him was big matty reed. I sat and eavesdropped for brent while matty was interviewed to get his strategy for sunday.

some photos are the travels thus far:

Me on the memorial cause way bridge

View from another bridge...many bridges here.

Brent...your my boy blue!

Matt may have destroyed everyone in the race but he got destroyed in the cake eating contest!

Huatulco transition set up


Anonymous said...

You did a good job in Huatulco! Weather was very hot and am sure did not help you at all. I enjoyed cheering the only Canadian. Did the pictures I took of you in the transition come ok?
Good luck in clear water
Alberto Chernikoff

A-Russ said...

Pictures turned out well. Thank you for your cheering, it helped a lot!