Saturday, December 19, 2009

Did he just say what he said?

Macca suggests that Lance will get chicked at KONA.


Gregwh said...

It is possible Macca has not done enough research. Armstrong started his career in Triathlon and was the US National Triathlon Sprint Champion as a teenager.

That is talent man. Granted, the Ironman in Kona is a different animal...but Lance has proven to be one of the best endurance athletes in history. 7 TDF wins in a row. I have no doubt he would have won Kona multiple times had he chosen long course tri over biking. What Lance can do at 39 or 40 won't match the performance of a 25 year old or 30 year old Armstrong. So it is about age, not about how tri differs from cycling. I think Macca is talking smack like a professional wrestler or Muhammad Ali. He is probably a bit more impressed with Lance than he lets on. He certainly is prettier than Armstrong...ha ha.

Sveto said...
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