Monday, December 07, 2009

Victoria World Cup 201?

In the summer I thought a lot about this topic - If there were ever to be a World Cup in Victoria where would I hold it?

Downtown was the first plan, but as I looked into I think it would be too difficult. The harbour is labeled an international airport (floatplanes) and there would be far too many hurdles there.

The next thought was either Thetis or Elk Lake. These would be great spots but you would not have the same public draw to come watch the event as you would near the city.

It was then that I felt the best place would be on Dallas Road just past Clover Point. Within 2k of downtown Victoria and not forcing road closures in the downtown core would make this an ideal site for a beautiful west coast feel race. With Google Maps I began nerdishly plotting a course.


The swim would be pretty basic. A beach (rock beach) start into the frigid ocean waters. The race would have to be held in late July or early August to avoid too many hypothermia casualties. Wetsuit 1500m swim of two loops with a re-entry off the concrete pier that juts out from the beach (would need to be low tide).


The swim exit would have athletes run a short 50m or so up onto Dallas rd where both transitions would occur. Exit Transition to the Left and Re-enter from Right.


For the bike I thought of going up King George hill but decided against it in favor of beacon hill being more spectator friendly. The 8 lap 40k bike course would head West on Dallas rd to make a CW loop of Beacon Hill Park to rejoin Dallas rd with a hard 120 degree turn to now head East. Left on Cooke street, right on May, right on Memorial Crescent to pass the cemetary before going right on Dallas to pass through transition. The bike is fairly flat but high winds off the water could make it interesting.


For the run athletes head out of transition and straight onto a water level seawall to run up to and loop around Clover Point. Coming out of Clover Pt. take a left on Dallas rd. and run to the turn around just past Linden Street. Run straight back along Dallas rd. to transition to repeat 4 times of 2.5k.

Anyone wanna front half a mill to get this on the ITU Race calendar?


Kamal Rae said...

haha you had a bit of time today? Would be a fun race on a smoking hot summer day!

swhitfield said...

ARUSS.... that's about 50meters from my place, so I love it.... but you wouldn't last 5mins out front of our place no matter what time of year you held it. I honestly don't think you could last 300meters out there in a race wetsuit.

now an inner harbour triathlon... swimming from the gorge into the inner harbour.... that would be cool :)

Alex Coates said...

Nice! Only half a mill?