Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where I am

Today we did the beach to beach swim for the second time. Polo beach by the fairmount in Khei to big beach which is famous for its sand run section at Xterra Worlds. The 5k swim, google earthed by brent, is perhaps the most beautiful thing I can imagine. The pace has been a good strong effort both times, and both times I still find myself hoping it wont end. That we will just keep swimming with no worries no ties, just go.

to be swimming with some of the worlds greatest athletes a kilometer offshore in the deep blue chasing those bubbles....not even two feet of fresh powder could lure me away from this.

Whales were spotted during the swim as well as a zebra manta ray....just drifting along....

Yesterday was another moment i can't get out of my mind. We rode the west maui loop and I am sad that we wont be able to ride it again. breathtaking....absolutely breathtaking. Kahakuloa bay is stunning. Probably a village of about 100 people, you descend into it to find golf carts whizzing around the streets and then climb up out with its beautiful beach over your shoulder.

No poi yet Jeff, its hard to find an authentic hawaiian restaurant.

on climb out of Kahakuloa Bay

Kahakuloa Bay, Maui

Austin introduced me to a great band tonight, bon iver.


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Courtenay said...

i have that song from one of the KEXP free song of the day downloads last year - ben can show you how. sometimes you have to siphon through 2 weeks of whiney hippster seattle-ite shit but then you get some gems (like blood bank).

enjoy the last few days of camp!