Monday, February 01, 2010

Finish on a High

The Maui camp is in the books. It was nothing short of greatness. Good coaches, good support, good athletes, great setting.
The opportunity to accompany the National Team here has been an invaluable experience. The details i've picked up from watching them train, recover and live has been very rewarding.

The final week of the camp was tough. The workouts were now accompanied by accumulating fatigue and I found myself struggling mid week. Come the weekend though i began to recover and had some of my best days near the end. Yesterday was our final big workout with a long run with 50' Tempo. 14.5k in 50' was by far my best run of the camp.

If i find a saying from this camp it would be this: "Training is simply gaining fitness by getting rid of unfitness"

Today i've packed up and done a run/swim with Ben Collins who joined us mid way thru. Good to have you hear man.

3pm departure back to the GWN. Time flies when your training hard.

Yesterday afternoon Brent took us on a great little hike through a bamboo forest that lead to some potholes were we went for a dip. Here are some pictures:

Kirsten climbing up the scramble

Simon being the man

beautiful bamboo

Miss Quebec

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