Monday, March 15, 2010

The Bandwagon

My friend Blair and I would always scramble eachother over 'jumping on the bandwagon' when playoffs or large sporting events came about. Your team/player got knocked out, you had to cheer for someone else and doing that was jotbw.

Recently the hoop-la surrounding barefoot running has made me jotbw yet again. When my family lived in Yellowknife, NWT I was too young to remember much. However, stories of Yellowknifer and such were passed on and when visiting my Dad in February I came across something that brought back a memory and allowed me to jotbw of barefoot running.

Sometimes my Dad would treat in very remote communities in the Arctic. Often families didn't have the funds available to pay for Dentistry so they would offer exchanges. Local art, and clothing are some examples. One family made a matching set of four parkas for us to shield the Arctic cold. These Parkas were the warmest jackets you could find. However the item that I will refer to in this post is a set of Mukluks . Truly Canadian footwear, Mukluks are worn by the inuit to provide warmth as well as excellent grip on snow and ice. A set was made for my family in exchange for some tooth fixing.

So, last week when it snowed slightly here I was secretly hoping it would dump and stay to try these babies out. However the snow didn't materialize, so no dice.

Maybe I can persuade the guys to do a high altitude running camp at Mt. Washington?

AMac has his five toe vibrams but lets be honest comparison!

Past and Present - Mukluks and Saucony Sinisters Both are beauts!

The Tempo run I spoke of in my previous post went well yesterday. 30 minutes building with AP to a good clip near the end. Nothing beats the staple tempo run.

Email from Phil last night quoted MAJOR fatigue to be felt over these next couple of weeks. Consistent training throughout is the goal; focusing on contributing as much as I can to benefit both my teammates and I hit our first races of the season in full stride.

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Adamo said...

I LOVE the mukluks-Canadiana minimalism rough weather wear at its finest.
There is something amazing to be said for barter societies.