Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Pay it forward

Beacon Hill is quickly becoming my favourite spot to run here in Victoria. I do like to get lost in some of the more wild trails but BH has a quaint city park feel that makes you feel good when running there.

Today Austin, Andrew McCartney, and I ran some intervals there this afternoon in nice conditions. We warmed up along the waterfront with no wind (nice change), did some activation, and hit up the main set. While pulling back some air just after finishing the first rep I heard a conversation that struck me with great reward for what I do.

A couple were taking a horse buggy tour (similar to this but minus the beef-a-reeno) through the park. They came passing by just after we finished and this is what i remember hearing:

Guy "Do you run?"

Girl "I used to, but I'm lazy"

Guy "We should train for a 10k or something, those boys look like they're having fun"

Girl "You know i've never done a race before, that would be a good goal!"

Guy "Alright, its settled, we start tomorrow"

When i heard this my day was made. For our hard work to be noticed like that and to rub off on someone(s) was gold. It gave another jolt of motivation to know that maybe we can help influence healthy lifestyles and exercise.

The rest of the set went along very well. We hit the paces like clockwork and shared a good laugh when finishing our last rep we encountered a strange but very coincidently situation....lets just say enough to make AMac run in the opposite direction hahaha.

The Monterrey World Cup is fast approaching. This time next week I will have almost arrived to the Northern capital of Mexico and will be getting ready to start what I hope to be my best season to date!

Make sure to tune into the first WCS race this weekend to cheer on our Canadians (Simon,Kyle and Kathy) in Sydney, 2pm PST on here

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