Saturday, April 10, 2010


Heat training has been the addition to the later half of this week as we hit more and more specific prep for next weekend.

Riding 90minutes in simulated Monterrey Heat/Humidity with the goal of decreasing the sweat response time. You lose a lot of fluid though in these sessions 2-3kg so it is very important to replenish not only the water lost but also electrolytes.

The easiest way i find to top the stores back up is through liquids. E-load only has a certain desire for me of 2 bottles before i need something else. So Friday I threw together a healthy soup that I thought would do the trick:

Here is the recipe (click on veggies for nutrient/vitamin profiles)

1 Onion
1/2 Garlic Head
1.5L of Chicken Stock
8 large Potatoes
3 or 4 bunches of Broccoli
1 bunch of Swiss Chard
0.5L Milk

Get the onion and garlic going then add the stock and potatoes to simmer 20'.

Add broccoli, simmer 10'

Add Swiss Chard, simmer 5'

Add Milk and pepper, simmer 5'

Liquefy with immersion blender

total time: 50-1hr

Soup makes it easier to digest and this one packs a lot of electrolytes from the stock and veggies.

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