Thursday, June 09, 2011

Any Questions? Any Answers?

Neil Harvey is back on deck for our group once again. Its been a two year gap between visits but it sure is nice to have the motivating figure and expertise he stands for watching over our strokes.

Today we had an introduction to a Harvey set that i thought i'd share. Thursday swims are a quality one for us and this set was quite that:

5x (2x50 hard / 100 'efficiency' / 100 hard / 100 ez float )

At first glance the key components of each round were the hard pieces. But once into the set I quickly found that the 100 'efficiency' was equally as important. After one round I found that the pace fluctuations really allowed efficiency to be found in the 100 that called for it. The contrast from hard to efficient gave a heightened sense of feel and smooooothness in my stroke. I was surprised at how easy the 'free speed' came in the efficient 100.

Looking forward to more of these sets as we roll along through the summer.


Alex Coates said...

Neil Sensei!

len gushe said...

Hi! and Welcome back coach, and I know that you'll work these guys hard and do great things with them and their swims! It's been 25 years, since my Toronto university swim days ended and where Neil was my swim coach back in the 80's, but I still do, once per week, his 20 x 100, with last 10 for 'best average' to this day! Great guy and great coach, and 20 years ago, the 'East's' loss was the 'West's' gain))

Matt Sharpe said...

Any "buzz cooldown?"

Classic Neil