Thursday, August 03, 2006

berries and dung

took it easy today in the pool wasn't feeling strong. usual warmup then some drills and kick and a whopping main set of 8x75 spin I.M. Haven't done that set in a while and the butterfly sure showed.

finished off the plans for the allards in the afternoon and then went for run.

10min WU
20min steady from airport to robinsons up to ski hill road turnoff. 20:50 a little slower than last time but felt fine on the hills
then 5mins easy followed by 6 1min hill repeats on 2min rest. feet felt heavy on these and was evident with 2-5 seconds off usual pace.

cooled down with 5 strides then hit the hub trail. Fresh bear poop on the trail had me hollering a few HEY-OH's on the cooldizzle home.

pretty pumped for the hill climb tomorrow, see if i can knock off some cat 2's or 1's.

adios, be back here monday.

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