Wednesday, August 23, 2006


hello everyone.

have landed in switzerland and am getting used to the jacked up prices on everything yzou can imagine and also the y and z kezs being the opposite waz round here.

we had a look at the bike course today and let me tell yzou, it is knarly. one section is so sketchy, and i loooooove it. there is going to be some crashes for sure. looks like its gonna be a wetsuit swim as well which will help me.

we ran earlier this morning and did a swim as well. the pool is nice , outdoor and 50m, though reallz cold. like yzou have to wear a wetsuit cold.

the coach phillipe here is great, good ideas and very enthused.

lausanne as a city is spectacular. right on the lake with a view of the mountains. the whole city is bustling with anticipation of the elite world championships, yzou should see the stuff the carpenters and making. will take some photos but wont be able to post them until i return unfortunatlez.

this y and z kezs are driving me crayz.

all for now

A big thanks goes out to all the sponsors that have made this trip possible

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