Wednesday, August 02, 2006

ramping it up

Training has picked up again after having an easy couple days. Sunday did a beautifull hike on keystone pass just north of revelstoke, very nice, all in the alpine. Took monday off and had a massage.

Tuesday got back at it:

8x50 (4catchup/4fist)
3x400 pull paddles on 6min
8x100 on 1:35 (held 1:15)
400 focus with snorkle
200 CD

In the late afternoon ran quite hard and felt pretty good:
10wU with stretch
Fartlek (1,3,5,7,3hard,5,3,1,3 fast fast) with half recovery.
3x strength
5 min CD
followed by ice bath

I've added another strength to the repitoir, it's now high kness, donkey kicks, lunges, and 10 squat jumps (man those are hard)

I finished off the strength at my old elementary school and tried doing some chin ups on the jungle gym, could only muster 6. I remember doing 2 sets of 15 a year and a half ago. funny how the body gets rid of strength in areas if not being worked. Also tried the monkey swing handles and ya i couldn't do them...geez.

Today was again a solid 4km swim of:

4x100 drill w fins (one arm and 8kip)
100 focus
8x50 with band on 1min
800 pull paddles
400 pull paddles (5:30)
2x200 swim (2:35)
100 easy
300 kick with fins
200 WD

Late afternoon rode 1:45 out above the dam with a strong head wind turned around and headed down south to the 10mile TT. Rode well considering the head wind. 23:30 is solid and was only at 160bpm or so.

tomorrow looks like swimming in the am and some sort of run (maybe hills) in the pm

all for now

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