Tuesday, September 05, 2006

stage 5 ----Seez to Annecy

Filling up on the last big breakfast i made my way down the D902 to start climbing in the shade up to Cormet de Roseland.

The climb was in a very narrow valley, probably no more than 300 ft wide. felt like i was in a chasm or something. Got out of the chasm (good word by the way) around 11 and got some sun. Peaked the last climb about 12 at 1968m and descended into beaufort sur doron which was just passed the lake of roselend. That lake was very green and if i had time i would have stopped to swim, but i had to get back on the train tonight to lausanne to watch all the elite races on the weekend.

Albertville was originally where i wanted to get the train, but when i got there it was very difficult to get a train. So i rode about 50k more north along the N508 to annecy. that road was a little too busy for me but it had to be done. The trip was almost complete with mcdonalds entering into the picture until about 5k out of Annecy where it was scorching and i needed a milkshake...mmmmm. i tried the mcdrive thru but i wasnt heavy enough for the sensors.

The train ride home from annecy to lausanne was uneventfull except for two things. First was drunk guy french. two drunks got on the train in annecy and i was listening to them talk. well they were talking pretty loud so it was pretty easy to listen. now drunk guy french i found was a good school listen in oral french. see they were talking very very slowly so that i could make out each word. some words where slurred but for the most part i could understand much better than sober guy french.

the other thing that happened was on the train from geneve to lausanne. now on the first train i wasnt told to pay for taking a bike on the train but on this train the ticketeur (ill call him) told me i had to. And not only that but because i didnt buy a ticket for my bike before hand i had pay an extra 10 franc penalty. oooh this didnt go to well, i argued with him for some time before he told me he would call the police. so i gave him his money ended it.

apart from the bike train thing this tour has been awesome. i tested my manhood, rode on the best roads ive ever seen and got a great sense of accomplishment.

here is the break down of the mileage of the stages

Stage 1 70k
Stage 2 140k
Stage 3 110k
Stage 4 80k
Stage 5 97k

Total 497k

told all my teammates about the trip and although only a couple admitted they wished they had come i think even the girlfriends were jealous.

next up is the juniour elites tomorrow and then the big guns on sunday.

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