Tuesday, September 05, 2006

University race report

Im writing all of these entries well after the fact but here is what im remembering. This whole trip here has gone by very quickly and it has been awesome.

lets begin with the race, the real reason i was here.

The start time was for 1230 and the weather was ideal 25 or so and no rain. 80 guys lined up on the pontoon for the gun. i was placed somewhere near the shore side of the pontoon and had a good line to the turnaround bouy. The gun went off and i got a good dive in quick surface and freakin put my head down and took 20 strokes as fast as i could before taking a breath. good start clear from getting beaten. didnt get into the front two packs but was in a group of about 6 the entire loop. Came out in the high 19s, not great but it would do. we ran up a ramp over a wood bridge they had built and into transition. Not a great transition and missed catching the wheel of two others. 4 of us hummed and hawed before the group grew to about 8 or so. The bike course was fun. one steep hill at 11 % , some crazy descents down narrow cobblestone lanes and another long hill. no crashes and once the group got going we made good time. two austrians in the group were being douche bags and yelling half the time at the japanese who werent pulling. My friend ben hoffman caught the group with a smile on his face about half way in and we then caught a teammate of mine, dave clinkard, on the last lap.
hoffman looked strong on the bike leading the group most of the way. Into T2 about 4 mins back of the front group. onto the run i felt felt. not tried but i wasnt running effortlessly and smooth like in july. the races i think and taking an effect and im ready for some rest but in the end i was 48th and ready for the afterparty.

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