Friday, September 08, 2006

sweet home

well i arrived back thursday afternoon safe and sound with all my belongings. i somehow managed not to pay a cent for taking my bike on four different plans as well, i was happy.

Dont fly thru or to gatwick airport. the place is out of control. be it the liquids issue or whatever there is a line up at least half an hour for anything. i had to line up for 10 mins to use the urinal. passport control took just over an hour. almost missed my flight to vancouver. gatwick gatwick gatwick...

went to bed around 7 last night and apart from a few wake ups i had a decent sleep. up early and came for a swim at ubc. the water seemed so warm compared to what we were swimming in at lausanne. did about 2400m with 16x50 alternating sets of 4 of builds and breakouts. feel good for just arriving yesterday.

Im racing my first xterra tomorrow at buntzen lake. i hear the course is awesome. going to check out the bike today and get some riding on the mtn. bike for the first time in 6 years, we'll see how she goes.

looking forward to some sushi tonight.

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