Monday, July 30, 2007

Some photos and This week of training

Firstly here are some photos from the Squamish Triathlon this year won by Peter Reid

Out of Alison Lake in the Lead

mmmmmmm...gel..... mmmm

Does he look familar?

On to this past week which is in the books as a very good week for me. After my week of rest it took a couple days to get the body activated once again, but by the end of the week i felt strong on some good efforts.

Tuesday: 5.5km swim in the am with 20x100 (3hard,1Easy) on 1:30. Was in the neighbourhood of 1:12-1:14's. Some aerobic longer efforts and then a 90' bike which was filled with attacks...base ride turned evil by tour mania. At 2 we ran at Cedar hill GC for 3 loops, 1 WU, 2 tempo on the flats easy on hills. To finish off the day we helped set up the splash and dash at elk lake and made up relays.

Wednesday: Open Water at Thetis with 4xsmall island(1000m). 1 WU, 1 race effort with wetsuit, 1 race effort sans wetsuit, 1 CD. 60' Base run on the lake trails. Then we geared up for the Newton heights crit, but it got canceled so we had our own mini Tour with a team TT, crit, and indv. TT followed by rootbeer floats courtesy of Richard and PK.

Thursday: 4km aerobic swim at Commenwealth and a light 30' run in the afternoon.

Friday: 5km swim with 12x50 (1Hard/1Easy) and then 3x300m in Draft Packs. Scotty had had a night he couldn't remember on thursday so this made the 300's a good match for me. Felipe, a chilean, who is up here training for 5 weeks was also in our group. We went 3:45, 3:41, 3:39 i believe. In the afternoon we had a great brick workout at Comosun college. This workout was a good indicator that i have recharged the batteries. The setup was about a 7km bike loop and a 1km run loop. We did 2x (2 bike loops followed by 2x1km) and then 1 X (1bike loop with 1 run loop). On the seconder doubler stevo rocked on by me on the bike after starting 20' back and put on another 30' on me, he is killing it these days. Once that swim gets him in the chase pack look out! The run splits were good on the doublers we went out as tempo then race pace so 3:30 then 3:15. On the last repeat we nailed down a 3:05! on a technical 1km loop. This is the work that will give us good results in drummondville man!

Saturday: A "light swim" at thetis with "reduced volume" seemed a little harder than light and 4k but it's all good...was nice to swim up to the upper lake under a bridge. A 3hr base ride around lands End finished the day.

Sunday: 1.5km Open Water Thetis HtO MS Charity swim. Went well felt strong and almost held on to a 14 year old swimming phenom's feet. A good interval run session at Lochside with 5x1km. First two as build, 3:07,3:07. Next 3 stevo set the bar and I followed as best i could, 2:58,3:07,2:59.

Coach says that is the work in the books for nationals. This week a couple key sessions, 1 of which will be a swim/bike brick at Durance. This will be key as it is an area i need to pump up to hang into that front pack.

This is it...3 races in 3 weeks....time to let em know who i am.

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