Thursday, July 05, 2007

This Week = Nuts

Here i am after finishing off a couple two cumin bean fajitas and kokanees. I needed the beers cause this week has been nutty. Not just because of the training, but i had a whole lotta "other stuff" to be done between the workouts that wore me out.

Here is a recap of this week in training.

Monday: Nothing

Tuesday: Good swim, 5k with a main set as follows: (50m Med, 100m Race, 50m Med, 50m Race) X 8 I did this set well, holding 1:10's and 34's on the races with JP on my hip to boot. That night Stevo and I did the first of the Sidney Velo TT's. 18km in 25:55 but ending up getting Dq'd for not staying in the cones on a corner. I did the TT with nothing aero, i was in such a rush to get ready i didn't even have time to get my aero bars on. We also ran 50' on the treadmill at Crystal for a plentyfull day.

Wednesday: Open water swim at Thetis, around 4km in total with a TT loop of the big island (1375m) in 16:30 with wetsuit. Introducing more heat work for Geneva we rode 90' in what seemed a hot hot room. I drank over 2L of fluid and still lost 1lb in 90'. Later on a run at my favourite location, Cedar Hill GC. 3 loops, 1WU, 1Base, 1Tempo. The tempo lap was somewhere around 12:30 i think.

Wed night i watched the FIFA U20 soccer here in Victoria. Good matches and afterwards Participated in some Nigerian Hoopla.

Thursday: An early easy water run first thing to get things activated. I've discovered water running to be quite theraputic in ways. A few athletes here have stress fractures and need to keep their run fitness by water running. I recommend it to anyone who finds running hard on their joints. THe 5km swim that followed was a surprise and i struggled thru it. An 45' base run on the treadmills at Crystal pool finished the day off.

Tomorrow: A speed session in the pool with a motor pacing bike workout to follow. Then boot it to make the 1 Ferry and truck it up to Whistler.

This weekend racing Squamish with Geneva, USA ITU the following week. I am really looking forward to taking some time off following Geneva.

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