Monday, July 30, 2007

O'Hare Airport

Here is a story from my trip back from New York a while back.

Sitting in the chicago O'Hare airport getting hungry. Venture about and find what looks to be an authentic american bagel shop, sure looks good. The bagel was giganormous, twice the size of our normal bagels. So a normal bagel equals 3 pieces of bread so this was 6.

After bagel had to use the facilities. So head to the bathroom stalls, check for no pee on the sit and then whooooooooooooosh! I almost fall right thru the seat and into the water. The toliet seat hole was huge, cause im not that skinny. I had to actually spread my legs a bit to hold myself up on it. Looking back perhaps I got the special "aka fat" stall or something.

Moral of the Story: A bagel looks like a toliet seat and I should have keyed off the subliminal warning.

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Anonymous said...

nice race at nationals!