Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Big Block

Recently I've been training pretty hard. Begining thursday last week I started with some long base rides and runs with some intensity and then this week added some more intensity.

On the weekend an hour run turned into two hours by getting lost at stewart mtn near Thetis lake. This morning was an ow swim in thetis. 1 big island loop warmup and then one loop TT effort (17:10 non wetsuit). In the afternoon I had my first track workout of the year and perhaps the last with the season almost over. Andrew McCartney took me on a WU around UVic and at the end of it i realized I had lost my car keys! There is a hole in my pocket! Oh no....well total fluke, cause I retraced my steps of a 5km loop for only about 30s when i found them laying right in the middle of the trail...geeesh.

On to the track I did a set as follows:

2X(4X400) on 2mins (Consistent with 1:09's)

3x1.2k on 6mins, 3:48's

4 strides

2k WD.

This weekend in vancouver should be an interesting and competitive race. Then I am on to veracruz for a race which should be hot hot.

I've also finalized my trip to HONG KONG for an asian cup! that's gonna be weird, but in a good way.

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