Wednesday, August 22, 2007

tasty apples

The Kelowna Apple triathlon rounded off 3 races for Steve and I in three weeks. Arriving in Kelowna was a great feeling and seeing how prepared the race crew looked was very reassuring that this race would go well, unlike others...ahem...Longmont.

Friday and Saturday were race prep workouts in the Lake and on the bike loop before our meeting saturday afternoon. The Juniours raced saturday as well. An NTC sweep was in order with Jeff 1st, Aaron 2nd, and Matt 3rd. Nice job boys!

Race day was raining and probably only about 18 degrees or so. Warmed up on the bike and then a swim warmup with the wetsuit on. This was a good decision as the water was around 20-21 degrees. I kept the suit on until seconds before the start to keep warm. Great start! One of the best all year..Tichelaar was on my hip for a while..thats right my hip. I could see Dano and A-Mac cruising over from the left so i hopped onto dano's feet and rode that train around the first bouy and then fell off the pace. I hung into the main group though and exited in good shape. Heading to T1 was interesting, 2 americans bailed HARD on the wet wood going into the fence. Got on my bike feeling good, then it was a hammer sesh along the first flats to the hill where my race blew apart. I still do not have the leg strength to hang in on hill accelerations. Tom Evans attacked on the hill and i was sput out the back....just like edmonton i watched the main pack creep away in desperation. I TT'd for about half a lap when 3 others caught me. The rest of the bike i felt strong, but our pack was caught by a group behind on the last lap which i didn't like.

Onto the run I had the fastest T2 of the race and quickly settled into a good rhythm. Serrano, McKenzie and Burwash, all from the group that caught up on the last lap were running strong. I dug deep i was able to finish 13th with a PB on the run (33:09).

After seeing the results it was frustrating and actually i could barely sleep sunday night knowing what could have been. If i could have hung onto the main group on the first lap I would have been battling for a podium spot! Just makes the wolf hungrier...

Next up Vancouver Tri Labour day Monday and then hopefully Veracruz on the 8th. Hurricane Dean may have caused this race to be cancelled though so we'll see.

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Daniel Wells said...

Hey Russell...rolled through Revelstoke on's a nice town! Very scenic area up there!!

I forgot to put that beer pass in the mail...I'll throw it in the mail once I am back in Ontario (currently in northern Michigan)