Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Round 1 A...Now Round 2

Sitting here to report on this last week in beautiful quebec eh. Steve and i arrived last thursday with no worries and were set up with a great homestay that spoke english so we were in the clear. As i say great homestay with the lapointes they had a 6-star hotel going on and mccartney missed out!

The race in Drummondville almost as well as i could have wanted. Great swim coming out in the main bunch with ticchelaar,bryden,plata and AP. Hung in on the first furious kms of the bike and then actually made a litte noise on the 3rd lap with an attack (didnt amount to anything), but it brought a smile to mccartney face when i was swallowed back up. The run in some heat went well but it would have been great and earned an A+ if i could have stuck with bechtel and tache on lap3 and had a shot at the canadian podium. I placed 8th in the race and was the 5th Canuck.

After the race we came down to montreal to stay with some of steves family in Lachine. We have done some training highlighted today with a swim in the 2005 FINA pool, outdoors 10lane 50m, nothing better.

Now the bags and box are packed and we off to colorado for some high altitude madness. The race looks uber competitive with big names all over the start list, its gonna be tough!

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