Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Five workouts tuesday makes a cinquanto, which is half french half spanish for "Five Workouts". Sorta like El Nino, spanish for "The Nino!"

I don't think i've had a day like this before your all three sports are worked plus a couple others to balance everything out.

5.5km in the pool with a sneaky set Neil made up that logged some decent kick but it went relatively unnoticed:

4X (3x100kk on 2:00, then 1x100 dr/swim on 2:00, 400fr on 6:00 dec1-4)

400's went 5:13, 5:08, 5:03, 4:56

After the swim Stevo and I finally reunited for a cross ride. We rode 2.5hrs in the parks of victoria, with a great tough loop in Mt.Doug. We talked about how the cross seems to really improve your pedal stroke and balance on the bike, it's true!

Back home for lunch and some errands to do, then out to UVic for the group run. 1hr30 with a long 40min effort at steady state. Running thru the uvic trails at dusk was great but near the end i was dying and Kirsty was turning up the heat. A couple times i felt like just bee-lineing it back to the stadium so i could pass out.

The other two workouts tuesday were core and strength. Along with the yoga we are doing I have noticed my balance, strength and core recruitment have steadily been improving. This is a more versatile approach to becoming the best athlete you can and tudos to Patrick for adding these disciplines to the program.

This week i've also noticed that I seem to have made it thru the first stages of feeling tired with the increased training load. This takes a little while but once you get thru it by having your body adapt you feel much much better.

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